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With the feelings between men and women to explain the reasons for your speculative foreign exchange losses

first forexrebateclub forex rebate club underst cashback forex, the second refused to accept the reality of habitual take life analogy trading If trading cashbackforexexness at a boyfriend and girlfriend, you want to get that must understand each other to give a few examples: for example, when a woman says the opposite, say you are busy, do not bother you say fuck off you really do not bother, fuck off that you may have to continue to accept the test of trading is the same, women can say These prove that the trend has been confirmed, if really because of some retraction you rolled away may really want to miss the cashbackforexbroker (love) and then, for example, many times always feel the woman back and forth but back and forth is often the most important link to confirm the relationship persistence will be rewarded quotes are also, oscillation repeatedly is often the beginning of a big market, the strength of the accumulation, so you get a more intense market (love) the beginning of another example for For example, for women like to be brave like some of the brave, do not cower, look forward and backward trading is the same, see, still considering, look forward and backward then it is likely that because of your cowering, thinking ahead and backward leading to miss the market miss the opportunity to have wealth (happiness) continue for example, in the relationship do not be afraid of setbacks, if you suffer a setback, immediately leave, never to answer the other party If you get a setback, you will not get the other party, you will not get the same deal, you will never get the wealth (love) brought by the deal. In fact, so much is said, the reason for the loss of trading, or because they do not understand, do not understand the nature of the market do not understand the market demand, do not understand why the market changes ups and downs the only thing that can change is to take the market seriously, treat the market as a lover to recognize her, understand her, understand her, will be rewarded by the market (forex account) in fact, think about the market, the market fluctuations the most The basic reason is due to people, people do not for different times, different prices of different understanding (here is the different time of the fundamental state, different prices of technical patterns of resistance) led to because of psychological differences, which led to because of different, long and short buying and selling, resulting in price fluctuations market is psychological, there is a spiritual effort to understand the market will eventually be rewarded then finally And again, refuse to accept the reality of it many times we pay, not necessarily will have a return feelings are the same, trading is the same you pay, the other party still do not like you, only to prove that they do not belong to each others dishes, you study hard, still can not profit can only prove that they are not suitable for this market clear how much they can pay, the market is the same you analyze the head, the market is not necessarily To follow your ideas you expected the direction of fluctuations in the direction of grasp the wrong timely stop loss a grasp of the wrong, we can trade thousands and thousands of varieties still can not grasp, in addition to trading we can also choose other life so love trading, in order to experience the joy of trading, to gain the harvest of trading love life, in order to experience the joy of life

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