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Why is it so hard to improve your trading skills

Why forex rebate club it so hard to improve the level of forexrebateclub? This is a problem that has plagued us for more than ten years, cashbackforexbroker I thought that with the passage of time there would be a convincing answer, but time has passed, and the problem remains the same, while the answer is more and more chaotic and vague The three symptoms mentioned below are cashbackforexexness the exact answer or reason given, but only a different perspective on these symptoms that affect the traders level of improvement, or the problem and the answer may not be exhaustive The description of the problems and answers is certainly a brick, but it is by no means a brick, because the jade may not actually exist We have to rely on the epistemological determinism to understand the world of existence and to pursue "certainty", but the world of our trading is not chaotic and "non-deterministic" all the time "We believe in deterministic understanding of the world may be a vast world, perhaps only a corner of the world, but certainly not the complete world (including our stocks, futures trading market) a. The first trading contempt cashback forex bewildered fumbling simulation trading is not important for the stock market, futures trading simulation is very important, especially easy to nervous, overly sensitive type of nerve traders The first and foremost reason why the majority of traders are unable to improve is that simulation is like the process of falling in love, while trading is marriage. This is even more true for simulation trading, which is a basic training to lose money for our traders Why is it common? The reason is simple, because the lack of basic simulation training does not have a deep and thorough understanding of the meaning of training. "I have asked many traders what training is. They told me: "Isnt training what you call demo trading? I told them that training is the concentration of ones overall quality, and that all geniuses are the product of strict training. From this we can see that the overall quality of our traders is to be improved, and the potential for improvement is unusually broad and far-reaching traders who have not done long, large-cycle, standardized and strict, mechanically repetitive, painstaking simulation training, as if they were children with polio and chondropathy congenital deficiencies, which in the early stages of early childhood development form defects belonging to the congenital deficiencies, and thereafter it is difficult to compensate The fact is that even if you spend a lot of real money to find out, it wont help, and if you want to go back and do demo trading after doing real trading, its purely a case of "a young bride in a sedan chair - shes not a big girl anymore", a blank sheet of paper has been scribbled on indiscriminately, even though After several efforts, but also yesterday is not now, has not helped the beginning of the involvement in foreign exchange simulation trading if you miss, is later to spend 300,000 or even 3 million, 30 million real money to SuiZhuBiaoQiao like fumbling can not be redeemed simulation trading belongs to the pure original ecology, and a do on the real money real trading, you are no longer pure, has been "contaminated "The foreign exchange simulation trading is a "face" you scorn, ignore, despise, "is not to face" is forever, a lifetime can not be undone, called a sigh of relief, because you are likely to have been unable to become a qualified Traders, qualified traders on the finish line is not to find you, you lost in the initiation stage, planted on the starting line even if you do a simulation trading, and can not concentrate on the input, can not summarize, summarize, comprehend the rich connotations of trading beginners, better give up, do not indulge in this market sickness index:

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