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What is the Simple Volatility Indicator

What forex rebate club the Simple Volatility Indicator? When speculating in foreign exchange, the Simple Volatility Indicator is a concept that many investors will often encounter What is the application of the Simple Volatility Indicator cashbackforexbroker the skills to use it? Today the author for you to fully reveal the simple volatility indicator is what simple volatility indicator description of the cashbackforexexness and volume changes, combined into one indicator, to observe the market in the absence of power to move the situation less volume can push up the stock price, the EMV cashback forex will rise; the same, less volume can push down the stock price, the EMV value will be reduced but, if the stock price up or down to push However, if the stock price pushes upward or downward and needs large volume support, the EMV will tend to zero; to overcome the frequent EMV signals, the EMVA (average value) can be smoothed to exclude short-term signals Application 1. When EMV/EMVA crosses the zero axis upward, it is time to buy 2. When EMV/EMVA crosses the zero axis downward, it is time to sell 3. When the EMV indicator crosses the EMVA indicator from top to bottom, it is a sell signal Parameter Description EMV parameter - default value 9,KDJ - stochastic index Description KDJ is the most commonly used indicator in the stock market to integrate the advantages of momentum, relative strength and average, in the calculation process mainly to study the relationship between the highest price, the lowest price and the closing price to reflect the strength of the price trend, overbought and oversold phenomenon Application 1. D%>80,market overbought; D%<20,market oversold 2.J%>100,market overbought; J%<10,market oversold 3.KD golden cross: K% up through D%, a buy signal 4.KD dead cross: K% down through D% sell signal Tips 1.When the K value (short-term average) is greater than the D value (i.e. long-term average) means that the current is to rise up When the K value (short-term average) is greater than the D value (i.e., the long-term average) indicates that the current trend is upward, so on the graph, the K line upward through the D line is a buy signal PoweredbyRunman.cn 2. -K and D cross at 50 for consolidation, there is no clear signal for buying and selling stochastic indicators advantages and disadvantages of the KD indicator than RSI accuracy rate is high, and there is a clear buy and sell point, but K, D line cross must pay attention to the appearance of fraudulent lines, because KD is too sensitive to be manipulated  Parameter description RSV days - default value: 9; K days - default value: 3; D days - default value: 3 Now you know what the simple volatility indicator is? This more comprehensive knowledge is the greatest guarantee of success when you speculate in foreign exchange, good luck!

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