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What is the meaning of foreign exchange trading lock position

cashbackforexexness position forexrebateclub a futures term, it is often seen forex rebate club the foreign exchange margin, gold margin trading generally speaking lock position refers to the investor in the purchase cashbackforexbroker sale of contracts, when the market trend is the opposite of their own operations, so go to open a new position with the original position, so also called the opposite of lock, lock single and generally speaking lock position can cashback forex divided into two ways, including Profit lock position and loss lock position lock position is the main solution to the problem of consolidation in the plate and in the possible reversal of the market so that the position in hand can be in the best position, and the cost is the smallest then consolidation can be divided into a small range of regular consolidation and a large range of irregular consolidation and can be sure that any kind of one-way position in this plate is to be tested Either a large stop loss, the right direction, the two kinds of consolidation will be avoided so as to achieve the ultimate victory; either the opposite, there is a reversal or a large shock, then the losses to be endured can not be small or stop loss is small, which is undoubtedly during the stop loss will be repeated, and will have heavy losses, but also lost its direction can also be temporarily considered consolidation exit wait and see, but at the relative high point and Do not dare to open the up position, the down position is not dare to open, so the opportunity is missed in the hesitation However, lock position can solve all the above problems, lock position in any single direction before the emergence of the market in the position is already the best and there is an opportunity to expand the winnings in locking the previous winnings at the same time, profits in the single direction of the market will increase exponentially lock position in the reversal of the market when the position is also The best first look to lock the position of the main operation and some large capital operation, then simply put, from this point of view, it seems to lock the position or more useful and lock the position from the surface seems to be a simple manifestation of a stop-win, two sides a buy a sell reciprocal flat, seems more meaningless but if through its surface phenomenon, more can see is its inner essence of things after the market development in the transaction after If you cant judge, locking a position will use the time to get the research to cushion the effect, hoping that this will trade wrong but have judgment of the market situation to get to correct the wrong behavior trading right but have judgment of the market situation, hoping that this will get more profit behavior and that kind of no opinion about the market and unwilling to stop the loss after the loss and still have a trace of fantasy of a self-satisfied behavior, this type is the vast majority of locking position

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