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United K cashbackforexbrokergdom forexrebateclub has many dialects forex rebate club actually c cashback forexs cashbackforexexnessts of four countries ---- England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland led by the Queen is usually considered a constitutional monarchy and is actually ruled by Parliament and is located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom UK is also part of the European Union, but the UK refuses to join the Eurozone while wanting to use the pound as its currency, but unfortunately that means you take a With a eurozone visa but can not go to the UK, you must have a separate visa UK: Facts, figures, characteristics - Neighboring countries: Ireland, Germany, France - Area: 93,628 square kilometers           nbsp;     -Population: 60,975,400 (22 times) -Density: 651.3 people per square kilometer -Capital: London (population 75,57,000) -Head of State: Elizabeth II -Government Prime Minister: Gordon Brown -Currency: pounds or shillings -Main imports: manufactured goods, transport equipment, chemicals, fuel, machinery -Main exports: ores and metals, wool foodstuffs and movables, fuel, transport machinery and equipment, Beckham, Simon Cowell - Import partners: Germany 14.2%, USA 8.6%, China 7.3%, Netherlands 7.3%, France 6.9%, Belgium 4.7%, Norway 4.7%, Italy 4.2% - Export partners: USA 15%, Germany 11%, France, 10% - Export partners: USA Germany 11%, France, 10%, Ireland 7%, Netherlands 6%, 6%, Belgium, Spain 5%, Italy 4% - Time zone: GMT - Website: http://number10.gov.uk History tells us that they are a force to be reckoned with After all, it was Britain that started the industrial revolution Britain was once the largest empire in the world and has been a world power for the last 300 years or so Now, thats what you call consistency! In terms of trade, the UK is a net importer of goods trade deficit its largest trading partner is the Eurozone, especially Germany, this should not come as a surprise as Germany is the stone across the English Channel trade activity with the EU exceeds 50% of the UKs total trading activity the US, on an individual basis, remains the UKs largest trading partner the UK not only has a cool accent like Kate Beckinsale Hot, but also arguably the worlds oldest and most dominant financial center were talking about London, boys and girls! Having a local financial and fiscal policy like Londons financial center tells you one little thing, the Bank of England is the oldest central bank in the world In the past, when Britain was expanding economically, government leaders realized the need for an entity to facilitate international trade In 1694 the Central Bank of England was established to facilitate trade and economic growth Now, the main goal of British finance is to maintain price stability while Promoting the economy and employment the Bank of Englands goal is a 2% inflation rate, as measured by the CPI, and in order to reach this goal the Bank of England has magically changed its interest rate levels, which they believe will allow them to reach this goal the body within the Bank of England that determines interest rates is the Monetary Policy Committee the Monetary Policy Committee meets monthly and this is done in close cooperation, including after monetary policy changes, like Like other things in the UK, interest rates have different names in the UK In the UK, interest rates are called bank repo rates The main policy tools used by the Bank of Englands Monetary Policy Committee are the bank repo rate and open market operations The bank repo rate is operated by the Bank of England to meet the Monetary Policy Committees target in the market Whenever the Monetary Policy Committee changes the interest rate, it affects the depositors of commercial banks and Borrowers setting rates which in turn will also affect the economys spending and longevity, even costs and prices Like other central banks, if the Bank of England raises the repo rate, their goal is to curb inflation, on the other hand, if they lower the rate, their goal is to stimulate economic growth When the central bank engages in open market operations, buying and selling pounds, denominated U.S. Treasuries and securities to This is an alternative method of increasing liquidity in the financial markets. If the BoE feels the need to stimulate the economy, they will "print more money" by buying government and corporate bonds to inject supply into the economy. Understanding the Pound Sterling must be a cute kid because it has a lot of nicknames besides being called the shilling and the pound, the pound pair has the impressive nicknames of the cable (GBP/USD) and the peacock fish (GBP/JPY), right? I love the cool trick how did the pound and the dollar come to be the most liquid pair in the foreign exchange market? Keep in mind that London has long been the worlds financial center with a lot of trading going on every day and a lot of money flowing in and out of London GBPUSD accounts for 14% of the worlds trading volume and is the third most dynamic pair in the world probably because the GBPUSD spread is a pip or two more than EUR/USD, USD/JPY traders like me because I have some lovely curves many big companies are based in London, there are many attractive investments in the UK market in the major currencies where the pound has higher interest rates and investors find UK equities more attractive, in order to get these assets, investors first need to buy some pounds I was at the London session where flexible GBP/USD trading volume was highest on the European session when the major strong UK and US data was released and highest in Asia around the opening of the American session Meetings usually do not offer much movement, European traders are still in bed and US investors are just finishing their day ..... But be careful, because I can be a bit rough on the pound, which tends to be volatile, because the pound has a lower level of liquidity compared to the euro As liquidity in the market increases, the pound may be caught in one direction, especially if there are large acquisitions and sales of orders in that direction relative to other currencies, the pound reacts more strongly to the release of economic data important economic indicators unemployment rate --This is a measure of how many unemployed people there are in the UK economy and analysts look closely at these figures because it is the main indicator of future spending Why? Because if a person doesnt have a job, they dont have money, and if they dont have money, they dont have time to drink tea Consumer Price Index (CPI) - the Bank of England sees this as a way of measuring inflation, it measures the change in consumer prices Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - this figure reflects the state of the UK economy, it predicts whether the economy is growing, booming or Recession Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) - This index surveys business managers and asks their views on the current economic situation A score above 50 indicates improving conditions, which could lead to expansion, while a score below 50 could suggest contraction The Gfk Consumer Confidence Report, which calculates consumer confidence in the current and future economic environment The more confident consumers are about the state of the UK economy, the more they are willing to spend. Many investors view the pound as a high-yield asset and arbitrage transactions. Changes in the Monetary Councils interest rates change sentiment towards the pound as it affects the returns on UK securities In addition, changes in bank repo rates also reveal the Bank of Englands outlook on the economy If central bank officials believe that the economy is hurting, they may extend easing measures or Lower interest rates, which is a signal to the public of economic instability If the Bank of England believes that the rise of the economy may lead to inflation, they may cut quantitative easing or raise interest rates in the eurozone and the United States, the pound-dollar is also affected by the European Community and the U.S. Data on the U.S. economy directly affects the sentiment of investors and traders from the U.S. Good or bad data sent to the running markets, participants take increased risk on the pound or seek safety in their accounts to hedge against the risk of excess spillover effects on the dollar The EC accounts for the majority of the UKs trade relations Because of this, you have to take a good look with binoculars at any developments happening on the continent (remember the UK is an island) and any bad news and bad situations could lead to bearish sentiment on the pound Risk sentiment is driven albeit small, but the fact When traders are looking for greater returns, they will focus on the UK because the UK has the potential to get higher returns When traders want to give up high yielding investments and look to the US dollar, dear, they will start selling GBP/USD trade GBP/USD is the standard share size in the GBP denominated trade amount is 100,000 GBP and the small share is 10,000 GBP The value of the share is 10,000 pounds The value of the pip, which is dollar denominated, is calculated by dividing one pound/dollar pip (GBP/USD, for 0.0001) by the spot rate of GBP/USD P&L in dollars For a standard lot position size, each pip movement is worth 10 dollars For a much smaller position size, each pip movement is worth one dollar The margin calculation is based on dollars For example If the current GBP/USD rate is 1.5000 and the leverage is 100:1, 1500 USD is required to have enough margin to trade a standard lot of 100,000 GBP Note that higher GBP/USD rates require more movement in terms of available margin in USD, while lower rates will require less margin in USD GBP/USD trading strategies where the way the GBP is traded is important Take notes when the report comes out the pound reacts strongly to reports on the foreign exchange economy for example, if the UK GDP is better than expected then the GBP will move up sharply, even if you enter late you can take advantage of the opportunity as the GBP does move a lot but be careful, the GBPUSD and GBPJPY pairs are the most professionally volatile in fact, the GBPUSD is circling 160 pips a day due to the pound being violently volatile, you may need to set up more action to stop orders from being lost to market fluctuations

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