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To create a profitable trading system The first to break through the nine hurdles

often encounter some beg cashbackforexbrokerner friends asked to talk about how to become a successful forexrebateclub trader th cashbackforexexness problem cashback forex is the origin of this article first of all, to declare a point, this article summarizes these things have long been repeatedly recommended by the market people in the past forex rebate club present, I now hard to recommend these things again, it is likely to be accused of cliché those who hope to find some new things here The experts, inevitably will be a little disappointed, then please throw this article into the trash, huh summarize the success of the market giants in the past and present, there are nine main factors a beginner must break through these nine hurdles, in order to be able to squeeze in the ranks of first-class system traders The following is a brief introduction to these nine factors, but I hope to inspire the beginner I. Basic analysis; the weight of 1%; basic analysis is mainly The basic analysis is the knowledge learned in the university, but those things are not enough, but also must be studied for specific species, for example, do soybean people, to understand the basic knowledge of the domestic and foreign soybean market Although in the process of making the plate, the basic analysis for the system traders decision-making activities do not have any significance, but the fundamental information often has a variety of impact on the operation of large funds a situation is that Trader in the operation of large capital, if not the basic analysis of the species have a basic grasp of their own tend to be unsure of their hearts, thus making the trader bear unnecessary additional psychological pressure; another situation is that investors tend to be stimulated by the fundamental information, thus interfering with the operation; another situation is that the traders supervisor is sometimes also affected by the fundamental information, thus I personally limit the weight of the importance of fundamental analysis to 1%, it is likely to emotionally hurt some people in the industry engaged in fundamental analysis, I apologize but this does not mean that fundamental analysis is optional and irrelevant I personally have great respect for these people in the industry engaged in fundamental analysis, because I am a purely technical person, I do not know anything about fundamental analysis I personally think that the basic analysis work for the large capital operation room is very critical II, technical analysis; weight accounted for 2%; technical analysis includes a variety of technical analysis theory, technical analysis indicators, mathematical models; not only to master the results of the previous, backwards and forwards, but also to create their own technical analysis theory and technical analysis indicators of the degree of this stage, beginners often everywhere At this stage, beginners tend to look for various new and fancy technical analysis theories and indicators, and are eager to pursue various new trends and ideas. This stage requires not only a certain level of intelligence and talent, but also a diligent spirit of research. In this stage, the trader is required to read less and less, and the book becomes thinner and thinner; the person who can gradually understand the true meaning of the market in the process of actual combat, and then can create his own market theory, has less mastery of the correct market theory, is the cornerstone of the traders success in the future This stage, not only requires the trader to have a certain IQ, talent and perception, but also requires the trader to have a certain knowledge structure, and requires the trader to have The investment concept is the application concept of market theory; if the market theory is compared to atomic physics, then the investment concept can be compared to the application concept of nuclear energy; in this way, Hitlers investment concept is to use atomic physics to make atomic bombs, while Einsteins investment concept is to use atomic physics to engage in nuclear power plants; based on the same market theory, different investment ideas can be developed; investment ideas have a tendency to be personalized; correct investment ideas are the basis for developing an excellent trading system V. Trading system; weighting 15%; the development of trading system is a system engineering trading system engineering is to study the trading system, in accordance with a certain purpose for the design, manufacture, testing, evaluation, selection, actual combat, the In this stage, traders are required not only to master the results of previous trading systems, but also to build their own trading systems; in this stage, traders are required to study them repeatedly; in this stage, traders are required to design, manufacture, test, evaluate, select, and use them in practice. Only when a trader has a profound understanding of the nature of the market and has mastered the correct market theory and investment philosophy can he or she develop an excellent trading system; otherwise, he or she is a blind man groping for an elephant and a needle in a haystack. A trading system must be tested by historical data and actual combat, and meet the requirements of actual combat, before it can be used to manage non-major funds. The rules of money management are an integral part of the trading system. The rules of money management can be reduced to some purely mathematical problems, which require not only a certain IQ and talent, but also a certain knowledge structure. Risk control rules are an integral part of the trading system. Risk control rules can be reduced to purely mathematical problems. This is the problem of perfectly executing the instructions of the trading system and holding back huge profits from the market. The real secret of successful trading lies in the trader himself, which has been widely recognized by everyone in general; system trading, easy to say, difficult to do; money management, easy to say, difficult to do; position adjustment, easy to say, difficult to do; risk control, easy to say, difficult to do; psychological control, easy to say, difficult to do. In the history of trading activities in China and abroad, there are often traders who, after having a trading system that has been proven to be excellent, do not follow the system and completely leave it behind and adopt an emotional trading method, which often results in a big failure. It requires great patience and will to hold huge parts of the market for a long period of time and to undergo violent market fluctuations for a long time, which can cause various mood swings in system traders, which requires traders to use their appallingly strong will to suppress their strong urge to close positions and take profits. The only way to overcome this hurdle is to practice, trial and error, and to figure out how to successfully overcome this hurdle. The traders character is very important this one is also an important condition to identify the master I have always believed that doing business as a person, the product as a persons character if a traders character does not pass, then his level of doing business is not high where a system trader only virtuous and talented, can be entrusted with the important task of granting military power, and eventually become a market predator there are also Some system traders who have successfully overcome the previous eight hurdles, after gaining huge profits, retire early and do not want to leave the mountain, or hidden in the countryside, or hidden in the city, living a leisurely retirement life. Beginners tend to look for all kinds of fancy theories and indicators and are eager to pursue all kinds of new trends and ideas, but beginners often do not have the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood. The truths in the securities and futures market are often very simple, and at the same time, the number of such truths is limited. These truths have been repeatedly recommended by market participants in the past and present, but are still ignored by beginners. In the process of evolution of a trader from a beginner to a first-class system trader, every step forward has to cost time and money; every step forward has to overcome certain psychological difficulties Among the nine processes mentioned above, the focus is on the third and fourth level, and the difficulties are the third, fifth and eighth level It is recommended that beginners focus their efforts on the third, fifth and eighth levels.

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