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There is a psychological test called loss

After a long period of time the sea of gold, with the maturity of underst forex rebate club cashbackforexbrokerg and technology, but all the veterans of foreign exchange speculation, almost all will be accustomed to a natural rhythm of winning more forexrebateclubes, no longer excited about a moment of profit and loss but, often in the dead of night, looking back on the road taken, see the reality cashbackforexexness still struggling in the foreign exchange market of those in the past, I have an urge to say, and One of the most want to confess to these young colleagues, is the face of loss of perception Even veterans of the foreign exchange market, there will still be losses in cashback forex, which is the inevitable result of the randomness of price movements in the foreign exchange market, veterans can not completely escape the natural laws of random disturbance Therefore, for the loss of trading, veterans and young colleagues of the differences in the form of expression is only less and more, small and large, accidental and inevitable differences However, veterans face trading losses, often have a long-term experience formed instinct, that is, in the long and short two-way foreign exchange transactions, when a certain direction of the transaction loss, veterans usually immediately backhand to do a single in the opposite direction This is because, with the trend of the Chang, counter-trends die guidelines in the foreign exchange market performance of the trend of profit, counter-trends loss, when a certain direction of the transaction loss, often implying that the opposite direction is This is like military firepower reconnaissance or medical clinical drug diagnosis, profit and loss is the system of trading direction explorer, but also reflects the basic law of woe and fortune but, veterans of such practices, for novices may not work, because the novice operation is often unstable, not systematic, therefore, its profit and loss does not accurately reflect the true situation of the direction of trade However, the average person Difficult to perceive, is the veteran and novice in the loss of the psychological characteristics of the difference, which is the essence of the veteran and novice differences veteran in trading losses, usually first from their own trading concepts and trading techniques to find out whether there are inevitable reasons for the loss, once found, will immediately study the solution to avoid similar mistakes again in the future, on the contrary, novices tend to trade profit as In contrast, novices tend to trade profit as a kind of inevitable, and the loss is seen as accidental, in trading losses to find a variety of objective reasons to forgive themselves, and thus always stay in the win is their own merit, loss is the fault of the next person such a self-indulgence and self-anesthesia in the alternation, difficult to enter the veteran will certainly agree with the necessary loss is the cost of risk trading investment concept, this performance of each foreign exchange trading investment is prepared to lose how much psychological preparation Therefore, veterans in each transaction to open a position at the same time, will inevitably set a stop-loss price, and when the price touches the stop-loss price, resolutely stop-loss novice in trading investment usually have little psychological and technical preparation for losses, its psychological characteristics are strongly prepared to win how much profit expectation and encounter floating losses are often panic, manifested as a stubbornly guarded position and cut the position alternately a confused Losses should be a record of time and experience for the struggling futures people, but for the lazy and decadent, it is a blow that leads to depression again and again. Losses make the futures market a monastery for the progressive and losses make the futures market a hysterical stimulator for the decadent. In fact, due to the law of the zero-sum game in the futures market, more people leave the market under the blow of losses and end up with nothing, while only a few people win by their own efforts. When you have gone through the test of losses, grasped the conversion of psychological impulses and rational thinking in forex trading, and thus finally won the battle between human nature and beastly nature, you will become a profoundly thoughtful, insightful, and peaceful person. Peace and fraternity of the outstanding speculative foreign exchange master, your forex trading skills on the sublimation can certainly be appreciated, and you get the sublimation of human nature will benefit you for life!

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