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The way of foreign exchange trading in the enlightenment is not seeking

contact with foreign exchange trad forexrebateclubg for more than five years, a year cashbackforexexness a half of violent positions, a year and a half rest 2015 almost flat 2016, forex rebate club my first year of making money, although cashbackforexbroker much money! So far, far from back to capital! But I believe that day is not far away! Can let me come out of the non-stop violent position to persist to today, not what dog P analysis, operational techniques, money management a rest, the second is the stop loss stop can make people calm a lot, many people can not stop, afraid to miss the market, do not know that this is not the industry overnight riches is also rest, let me know the stop loss! For me, no matter how many times the stop loss, even if the stop loss to the final crash, but also than a crash, to be a hundred times stronger rest and stop loss, is the first point to share the win cashback forex and profit and loss ratio almost all contact with foreign exchange have heard what the win rate can not be very high, what Hua and Streets win rate is only 60% (this number I casually say) and so on, in short, these remarks to say is not to pursue the win rate to pursue profit and loss ratio 2:1 I would like to say is that it is all on paper, not everyone is suitable for 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 such profit and loss ratio operation here to make a general assumption, assuming that look at the 1000-point market win rate is 40%, look at the 500-point market win rate is 50%, look at the 100-point market win rate is 60%, look at the 50-point market win rate The winning rate for a 10-point market is 80%, and the winning rate for a 1-point market? I believe that if you have six months of experience, you can reach more than 90%! That is, under the same principle of technical analysis, the win rate and see how big the market, there is a direct relationship between good, we take 50 points 70% win rate as an example, each time earn 50 points, stop loss 60 points ten times the result is to earn 7 times 350 points, loss 3 times 180 points net profit 170 and a little worse profit and loss ratio, earn 50 points, stop loss 100 points ten times the result is to earn 7 times 350 points, loss 3 times 300 points, still earn 50 points. Still earn 50 points this is a profit-loss ratio of 1:2, many gurus are not ashamed of the profit-loss ratio, in their eyes, the certain death of the profit-loss ratio The above values are just for the convenience of the example casually said, the main point is to say, to find a suitable balance between the win rate and profit-loss ratio, rather than the pursuit of the win rate or profit-loss ratio that what is suitable for you? I think the trading system should be built on top of their own character Why do you say to build on top of their own character Some people, is acute, love to do short term, you talk to him about medium and long term how profitable, he may agree with you, but can not do Some people are slow, have to learn what 5M cycle of operation, but also unrealistic There is love to do short, there is love to touch the top of the bottom of this are character! A variety of personalities, simply can not be installed in the same system but, undeniably, what kind of system, there are people making money so, no need to deliberately pursue the length, suitable for their most important! The rest, is the implementation of the! Light and heavy position this same needless to say, have never heard of persuading people to trade heavy position in fact, light and heavy position, is the relative key is the reference for a 1,000 position, the next 1 hand, certainly a bunch of people up bombing, heavy position ah, heavy position will die, heavy position never way out ah, and so on but if, this 1,000 position, just one tenth of his personal preparedness to invest in foreign exchange, or even one hundredth of it? In fact, the essence of foreign exchange margin is the capital utilization rate if you are ready to put 10,000 into foreign exchange, divided into ten percent to do, may not be a good thing the remaining 9,000 put their own hands to see it, peace of mind! Put foreign exchange companies, no interest also exchange rate losses, in case the foreign exchange company fell, can be all yellow (not to say which security which regulation, all put P, and then the big company may fail, not to mention the collapse will be compensated for what, Bailey NFA regulation, now pay what and not everyone English 8, have that ability to communicate even if good luck, run into a to compensate you, these foreign exchange companies, to the domestic (Compensation, we are second-class citizens, row behind go) I know someone is doing so 2 thousand of the position, he can under 2 hands or even more, but 2 thousand to him is just a small amount of money, and 2 thousand under 2 hands, but also very little will violent position, his trading system is so but can rely on foreign exchange to support their families Then, if already in the management of funds arranged for light and heavy, and the establishment of a good trading system, can also be strictly enforced Then the appropriate heavy position nothing can not, retracement is part of the system, what control retracement 15%, also the master in the use of you want to earn their own money, not to make a beautiful trading bill also cited that example in front of earn 50, loss 100, win rate of 70%, 10 transactions, even if you lose 100 points in the first three, if 1,000 positions under 1 hand (this thousand is only all your money A small part), you will first storm off three, but after ten transactions will earn 5 hundred knife (this is only a theoretical assumption) with a few money to experiment, to establish their own trading system, the rest, the water to the thing! In short, the way of trading in the enlightenment, with what method is not important at all do not envy people how much they earn in the long term, do not envy people heavy position how profitable (this I have a friend did a good job, he knows he is the life of day trading, no matter how others advise him to change in the long, he is indifferent;) do not think to learn who, to see suitable for themselves not because trading is lonely, on a persons business may you today in the shower When you think of what, may have a great impact on the transaction trading this line, unlike other industries, there is no fixed method to find their own methods, constantly improve, persist in the end, always see the light of course, do not rule out some of the peoples character is really not suitable, change from one day to the next, can never set down to do simple things, so see the light is also short-lived!

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