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The use of RSI indicators to find the bottom of the market

  In technical analys cashbackforexexness, the relative strength index is known as the forex rebate club indicator which is used to analyze the intention cashback forex strength of the market by comparing the average closing gain and average closing loss over a period of time, so as to analyze the future market trend using RSI indicators to find the bottom of the market is a more convenient method RSI The rules of the RSI indicator are: the RSI indicator N parameter settings, the RSI indicator N parameters are set to 7 days, 14 days, 21 days when the stock price after a substantial adjustment trend, closely observe the bottoming RSI indicator bottoming signal, requiring 7 days RSI less than 10, 14 days RSI indicator must be less than 20, 21 days RSI indicator less than 30 when the RSI indicator reaches the above After the standard, if the stock price continues to fall, and RSI indicators appear obvious stop signal, and the stock price trend deviation, then you can focus on with the transaction to judge whether the bottom of the stock price, if the RSI indicators appear 7-day line through the 14-day line and 14-day line through the 21-day line of the golden cross, and RSI three lines show a multi-headed arrangement, indicating that the RSI indicators have completed the role of the buy signal tips when When the RSI indicator meets the above technical requirements, investors need to observe the movement of volume There are two types of volume observation: one is when the RSI appears above technical characteristics, whether the volume is extremely shrinking, or even ground level if the transaction is thin, it indicates that the stock is about to complete the bottoming, investors can actively intervene Another volume observation is when the stock completes the bottoming, investors timely intervention, then Need to observe the stock can appear to have a substantial increase in the volume of funds involved in the process, if not effective volume, the current bottom is still a stage bottom, investors need to short term rebound market treatment if the stock bottoming out successfully, the volume of effective and sustained amplification, investors can be regarded as an important bottom of the stock

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