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The tricky double top and double bottom

from the foreign exchange technical chart, a ris cashbackforexbrokerg wave, from forex rebate cluboint A, up to forexrebateclub B for the peak, turn back down to point C, the comeback cashback forex up to point B almost the price of point D, the formation of another peak followed by a fall, falling below point A and point C pulled into an extended neckline, becoming a downward trend of the prologue of this trend pattern, because there are two prices similar to the top, so generally called double top and because Its graphics and the English letter M similar, it is also called M top on the contrary, in the downward trend of the end of the double bottom, it is called W bottom M top is a strong down signal, W bottom is a reliable sign of rising Why is the double top is a strong down signal? Because when the first top formed and back down in the process, there must be a large number of sellers into the market to make the market fall, in the first top of the region of the buy has been hedged when the price rises to about the same price as the first top, if the market is strong enough to buy words, should fly over the top, resulting in a high wave of the situation However, the second wave of uptrend but failed to cross the thunderstorm half a step, there are clouds across the Qinling home where, snow embraces the blue pass However, the second wave of the uptrend failed to cross the thunderstorm by half a step, with the clouds crossing the Qinling Mountains and the snow embracing the Blue Pass, the second wave of the uptrend turned down sharply to form the second top. Market psychology, is the performance of the buyers weakness, especially after falling below the neckline, the whole downward trend can be confirmed. On the contrary, the double bottom is a solid foundation for the upward trend when the second bottom is formed, showing that the market has found support points, buyers let go of the goods, in the first bottom sellers to lose less when the mentality of winning eager to fill positions, the trend lost a wave of the original momentum of a low wave, stopping the fall back up as a matter of course Sometimes Double top prototype just formed, the market will also have repeated, turn around and then up, evolved into three knock off if not broken on two high prices, it will morph into three times to the top is a golden opportunity for short strikes but no matter when the double top to do short or when the double bottom to do long, we have to place a good stop loss plate in case of sudden changes in the storm, through the top of the broken bottom will admit to lose, which is called the boat of the year to be careful

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