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The three main characteristics of the foreign exchange market

In recent years, the forexrebateclub cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club is gradually known cashback forex familiar to the world, and gradually developed cashbackforexexnessto the worlds largest financial market Why foreign exchange trading is increasingly sought after by many foreign exchange investors? Today we will do a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the foreign exchange market, to help you have a more in-depth understanding of the foreign exchange market a, there is no market European countries have basically two systems of financial industry, namely, centralized trading of centralized operations and no unified fixed place of business network stock trading is through the exchange of trading like the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, respectively, the United States, the Britain, Japan, the main place of stock trading, centralized trading of financial instruments, its quotation, trading hours and settlement procedures are unified, and the establishment of a peer association, the development of the code of practice investors are buying and selling the required commodities through brokers, which is ” there is a market and a field” and foreign exchange trading is carried out through the network of merchants without a unified operating market, it is not like Stock trading has a centralized and unified location but the network of foreign exchange trading is global and formed without the organization, the market is linked by the way we all agree and advanced information systems, traders also do not have membership in any organization, but must obtain the trust and recognition of the same industry this no unified site of the foreign exchange market is called ” there is no market ” 8221; global foreign exchange market every day an average of 5.3 trillion U.S. dollars in trading volume, only this "market without a field" foreign exchange market can be in such a large trading volume, to ensure the immediacy of the transaction and the reliability of the transaction two, the cycle of operations due to the global financial center of the geographical location is different, the Asian market, the European market, the Americas Market because of the time difference, even into a 24-hour continuous operation of the global foreign exchange market to Beijing time, for example, each trading day at 4:00 a.m., generally regarded as the closing time of the previous trading day; 04:00, New Zealands Wellington market opening, the opening of a new day of trading; 06:00, Australias Sydney market opening; 08:00, Japans Tokyo market opening; 09:00, Chinas Hong Kong market. At 09:00, the market in Hong Kong, China opened; at 14:30, the market in Frankfurt, Germany opened; at 15:30, the market in London, UK opened; at 20:30, the market in New York, USA opened Note: The United States implements daylight saving time and winter time, so in the winter time period, the major markets in the United States will delay the opening of the market by one hour For example, during the winter time period in the United States, the opening time of the market in New York, USA is 21:30 BST. :30, and daylight saving time, the United States New York market opening time is Beijing 20:30 so 24 hours of non-stop operation, the foreign exchange market has become a day and night market, only Saturday, Sunday and the major holidays in various countries, the foreign exchange market will be closed foreign exchange market every day from Sydney to start trading, with the rotation of the earth, each financial center of the world business day in turn began no matter 8:00 am Or 8:00 pm, in any side of the globe, there are always investors in the foreign exchange market active trading investors can arrange trading time according to their own habits, which has become one of the reasons why many people choose to speculate in foreign exchange at the same time, more and more people began to use the stock market time off to trade foreign exchange, as an effective channel to diversify investment risk now, the vast majority of banks in China are providing 24-hour Online foreign exchange transactions; Europe and the United States, as well as Hong Kongs many foreign exchange brokers, also provide a very suitable for individual investors to operate a 24-hour operation of the margin foreign exchange trading platform, these other financial investment methods do not have the advantages that make the foreign exchange market has attracted more and more people to join in three, zero-sum game in the stock market, a certain stock or the entire stock market up or down, then, a certain stock value or the value of the entire stock market will also rise or fall, for example, the stock price of Nippon Steel in Japan fell from 800 yen to 400 yen, so that the value of the entire stock of Nippon Steel was subsequently reduced by half However, in the foreign exchange market, the fluctuations in the exchange rate indicated by the change in the amount of value and the change in the amount of stock value is completely different, this is due to the exchange rate is the exchange ratio of the two currencies, the exchange rate The change is also a decrease in the value of a currency and another currency value increase For example, 22 years ago, 1 U.S. dollar for 360 yen, at present, 1 U.S. dollar for 120 yen, which means that the value of the yen rose, while the value of the dollar fell, from the total amount of value, change to change, will not increase the value, nor will it decrease the value Therefore, some people describe foreign exchange transactions is ” zero-sum game &# 8221;, more precisely the transfer of wealth above three basic characteristics of the foreign exchange market decided: 1, two-way trading, you can buy up and buy down 2, 24-hour non-stop trading 3, the flow of funds, not easy to manipulate 4, T + 0 trading, you can buy and sell at any time 5, less variety, do not like the trouble of stock selection

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