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The size of the capital to manipulate is crucial how much money you should invest in forex trading!

forex rebate club the foreign exchange forexrebateclub to make money or cashback forex, depending on a variety of aspects, including trading psychology, market technical analys cashbackforexexness, capital management, etc., these are the factors of the trading system In fact, the Hui Shang Langya list of small think there is a crucial factor, is the size of the capital you operate, will significantly affect your profitability cashbackforexbroker even sometimes the size of the capital to occupy the decisive factor, affecting the success or failure of your entire trading system!  Put $2000 and put $200,000, with the same proportion of positions trading, it seems that the profit ratio are the same, but in the real world of small capital often can not withstand the noise of the market and the slightest fluctuations in emotions, and soon lost everything, such examples abound The trouble with small capital is that it does not have enough capacity to deal with short-term market fluctuations success and failure Always repeatedly intertwined changes, short-term continuous losses can make small capitalists burst, while large funds can safely pass the temporary crisis   within $ 2000 small capital burst probability is very large, trading novices can only set it in the water, not to make money medium and long term trends are actually very easy to distinguish, but small funds often can not carry the upper and lower shadow probes, in the medium-term trend by a Wave after wave of market noise, repeated passive stop-loss or be beaten burst position We see many novice traders in the foreign exchange market, using about 2,000 U.S. dollars to test the waters converted into RMB 10,000 out of the head, regardless of profit or loss does not affect the lives of investors In fact, such an amount of money account basically end up with burst positions from the traders record can be seen, most of the time, people will be under 0.01 In fact, if there are ten or so such stop losses, it means that the principal has been completely lost novice traders funds tend to be in a trial state, and the overall amount is not large few novices will invest more than $10,000 amount to The noise in the trading market, which we call back and forth wide oscillation and sweeping single, will constantly hit the stop loss, which will trigger the novice trader to stop loss such a good trading habits of doubt So, many people will set a stop loss from the beginning, to later give up the stop loss, turn to dead carry, and counter trend to increase positions almost all burst positions follow the same route Many traders will be fine with the market technical analysis The longer the cycle, the more obvious the trend will be, through intuitive judgment, you will be able to analyze the 4H cycle in the end in the consolidation or trend this would not have been a difficult task initial capital shortage of traders, it is likely that the 4H cycle of the market murmur, and in the normal trend of the burst position for example, the long thin lower shadow tantrum small capital can not withstand the repeated dumping of the market, can not carry Wave after wave of attack and failure Insufficient capital size will lead to overtrading in order to meet short-term goals, trading this big game will have no strategic maneuvering space with a small account trading, it is like driving a fighter plane close to the ground in flight once bad luck or sudden reverse market fluctuations, the capital curve plummeted We do trading in the foreign exchange market, it is like driving a The fighter jet in the 10,000 miles of high-altitude combat from 30,000 feet to close to the ground ultra-low altitude flight, are a good driver need to master the professional skills the closer to the ground, the more skill is needed at the same time, the weather factors, wind, visibility and other external environment will affect the drivers ability to fly with a small account trading, like driving a fighter plane close to the ground in flight, the risk factors are many There A friend, had put together thirty thousand dollars in the market fierce he set himself the goal of trading more than 40 lots a day results, there is no which week the total return does not retract the most once, the account retracted eight thousand dollars, he was afraid, at the top of a market dead two days, because of fear and all the positions closed If at this time to give him three hundred thousand dollars, he certainly will not close the position, but in In fact, the market quickly retracted but his capital is not $300,000, but only $30,000, a floating loss of eight thousand, while the overall position is very heavy, he could not bear the extreme suffering inside his trading system itself is not a big problem, but the position and can afford to retract, far beyond the size of his current capital Adequate funds for traders, in small positions trading The time to be able to go in and out with ease, which is also the small position trading mode previously mentioned by the Hui Shang Langya list of small business many times sufficient funds, as long as matching the appropriate small positions, you can earn a satisfactory absolute return and the amount of insufficient funds traders, always in order to win excess returns and constantly test the bottom line of risk, and become no bottom line small funds people will be immersed in a moment of win or loss, and lose their own market The ability to judge gracefully Insufficient funds are most likely to lead to overtrading, which can seriously damage the traders trading status and put the trader in a vicious circle This is a pit So, to make money in the foreign exchange market, you must not just invest a little money We often say that the more money the safer, that is, this is the truth Sub-newbies in the end, how much money should be invested in trading? We believe that fifty thousand to eighty thousand dollars is a good capital size range then in the end, how much money to invest in order to enter what we call the capital size safety range? Twenty thousand dollars? We think too little Think about it, put 120,000 yuan in the stock market, and can not play any role in making money foreign exchange risk is much higher than the stock, put too little, will make traders feel unable to get over the edge, but also can not play the role of the safe interval Generally speaking, for a certain amount of capital strength and good trading experience of foreign exchange traders, with two or three years of experience of sub-newcomers, we think the most comfortable The capital investment range, is fifty thousand dollars to eighty thousand dollars, which translates into RMB 300,000 to 500,000 yuan between fifty thousand dollars can provide traders with a comfortable fighting height, too much money such as more than one hundred thousand dollars, also not very good because it will make novices feel that there is too much money, but rather less attention to control the risk of course, for senior professional investors, the more money the better, like We said yesterday in the article, more than 3 million yuan management scale is the starting point for professional investors to take off for five to eighty thousand dollars of large capital, this capital scale operation will be very comfortable at the same time, in order to strictly control the risk, we still recommend first from the position strictly control the dead bottom position to carry fifty thousand points proportion to open positions, that is, fifty thousand dollars to open the bottom position in Europe and the United States 0.1 hands  You do it steadily, the annualized return take down 20%, fifty thousand dollars a year down can earn ten thousand dollars, converted into more than 60,000 yuan equal to more than five or six thousand yuan of extra income every month, work and trading two not to miss compared to this input, or very good! Of course if your level is very high, you can earn more money We believe that this will allow any trader to do up like a fish in water, will allow you to keep steadily making money doing well, a year down than the existence of banks to buy financial products earnings several times higher should not be a problem You think how much money should be invested in the foreign exchange market trading, only to make money and comfortable size range? Welcome to leave a comment about your investment in the foreign exchange market over the years ~ as well as the income situation

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