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The role of forex EA

forex forex rebate club cashbackforexbroker an intelligent program, in fact, if you have contacted some code forex EA is cashback forex as magical as you think, cashbackforexexness not as simple as you think is to compile your logic, judgments and algor forexrebateclubhms through a programmed form to the computer a process it is only intelligent to achieve for you to place orders, higher speed, more efficient, in fact, or need you to artificially inject your ideas into such as averages, indicators, through your own logic after it is written out finally through the forex EA to achieve the role of the machine instead of the human brain. In fact, you still need to artificially inject your ideas such as averages, indicators, through your own logic, after digitizing it, through the forex EA write out the final realization of the role of the machine instead of the human brain in the final analysis, it is not a real intelligent existence, but still just the human intelligence and skills through the programmed language to write out the tool MT4 Can you automatically generate forex EA?  MT4 navigation menu below in addition to forex EA, there is a called script, these two are the same type of tool, only a slight difference in execution, the former is a circular execution and single execution both are compiled with code, first judgment, after the execution of the operation forex EA is a circular execution, you send a report every , it will make a judgment based on the latest offer, whether it meets the conditions for running and placing orders The script is different, when you process it to the k-line chart, it only executes once Does the accuracy of the Forex EA change over time? Foreign exchange EA can not guarantee the win rate and accuracy it is only programmed language, not true artificial intelligence still can not escape the thinking judgment model, the only change is from human to machine do, then since the model has changed, then the machine must have changed why foreign exchange EA do or lose money, intelligent trading feels very high-tech, point in should make money? This idea itself is wrong, the market, many of the current foreign exchange EA are playing in the guise of foreign exchange EA, money plate and signal source The earliest martingale from the casino, foreign exchange EA is like a very sharp knife, but if the operation of the people will not use, it is easy to hit yourself The foreign exchange EA content includes open source executable files, which are programmers write foreign exchange EA program essence, generally will not be public The only basis for judging artificial intelligence is that it can learn on its own, independent judgment of the market, independent changes to the program, self-growth but most of the artificial intelligence on the market is not enough to qualify Simple foreign exchange EA, may be very complex indicators inside, but the logic only complete a single operation instructions Such as the average group of judgment, complete Average-group A conditions, the implementation of B, complete the average-group B conditions, the implementation of C complex foreign exchange EA, not only indicators more complex, plus a lot of complex logic, and time functions, and circular control indicators which join a large number of deletion and filtering, such as golden fork and dead fork, can be filtered through the conditions and time period, with reference to history and so on at what time Under the order security model, plus supporting procedures in order to reduce the error rate, the more supporting added, the higher the error tolerance rate, the less the order will be placed 

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