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The private book list of foreign exchange experts

A, technical studies a see technical analys cashback forexex rebate club of this sounds very difficult f cashbackforexexnessancial vocabulary, we do not have a head two big, want to retreat from the impulse it? You can rest assured that after reading the following sincerely recommended cashbackforexbroker list, in fact, you will find that technical forexrebateclub fundamental is common, each market may operate slightly different characteristics, but the analysis of the set of basic consistent 1, "Japanese candlestick chart technology" ? Reason: interpretation of the disk must be from the K-line chart of this book is very basic technical analysis books, very comprehensive explanation of the K-line related content, simple and easy to understand belongs to the investment Market entry books 2, "foreign exchange progression from novice to master road to success" ?Reason for recommendation: the book title is a set, a book to let rookies into masters is not realistic, but this book does have a detailed introduction to the process of foreign exchange trading (accurately speaking should be the process of placing an order to operate it), some technical indicators also have hints book title although exaggerated, but also worth a look 3, "Financial Market Technical Analysis" ?Reason for recommendation Although not for the foreign exchange market, but the content is easy to understand not only the common concepts and common indicators have explanations, capital management, trading strategies, etc. are covered very authoritative book 4, "Dow Theory" Reason: It is recommended to have a certain degree of familiarity with the market and then read this book This book revolves around a concept trend, the content may be relatively tedious, but is the basis for many theories or methods 5, "Trend Trading Method ?Reason for recommendation: very mainstream trading system, you must take a look at two, fundamental understanding of fundamental analysis, in fact, in laymans terms, in fact, from the macroscopic (political, economic, historical, geographical, humanities, etc.) analysis of the foreign exchange market, the content will be very rich, for traders just starting out, or can have some basic books to see, but also with attention to current affairs news, to do both! Do it with both swords! But if you want to understand more in-depth and detailed, you can only rely on their own private serious study 1, "foreign exchange trading - from the beginning to mastery" ?Reason: the book title set is indeed very similar to the above recommended book, but the content points to different This book briefly introduced the foreign exchange market in each countrys currency and some of the factors affecting the mainstream currency properties have a brief explanation of the introductory book 2, "macro Economics" ?Reasons for recommendation: Economics professional textbook, very basic reality is that the explanation of economic data is very detailed do not understand what GDP represents, can not understand the relationship between CPI and employment rate, see "Macroeconomics" 3, "Interpretation of Economic Indicators" ?Reasons for recommendation: I have seen a way of foreign exchange trading, is to do only big data quotes, only once or twice a month trading foreign exchange market This book describes how economic data affects the financial market even if we do not do data quotes, but does not mean we do not need to understand the data 4, "Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Countermeasures" ?Reason for recommendation: the foreign exchange market is linked to the dollar operating objects, essential to the understanding of the dollar This book describes the role played by the dollar in the past decades This book describes the role played by the dollar in the past few decades, and does not provide a comprehensive introduction to the dollar, but it is still worth reading 5, World Map ? Reason for recommendation: really not a joke for people who have no concept of geographic location, really should go to remember a world map, at least for most countries in Asia, Europe, North America have a certain geographical concept of understanding geographic location, can help understand the political relations between countries and trade relations (geographic location of the United Kingdoms exit from the European Union or some In addition, geopolitics, without understanding the relative geographic relationship, and how to understand the causes and consequences of three, trading psychology in my eyes, psychology, is a profound and metaphysical discipline do not know if you have found, no matter what the transaction of money, in fact, will magnify the weaknesses of human nature, and these weaknesses can easily lead to losses even if Can not completely overcome the psychological weaknesses, but at least understand what they can do in this area is also excellent! 1, "Trading Psychological Analysis" ? Reasons: This book details the possible psychological weaknesses in the trading process, and gives the corresponding response methods, very comprehensive 2, "Game Theory" ? Reasons: Trading is actually the process of continuous gaming of all participants For game theory, understand the basis The principle can be 3, "The Crowd" ? Reason: mass psychology investor groups are susceptible to a certain news and drive market volatility, that is, we say the market is going to expect four, some other books on the financial market is difficult to define in the end belongs to the technical, fundamental or psychological level, but for the expansion of knowledge is still helpful 1, "Memoirs of a stock trader" ? Reason: really is Memoirs, about the legendary Livermores legendary life after reading, will be very touching 2, "Poor Charlies Book" ?Reason for recommendation: Warren Buffett partner Charlie Mungers quotes, containing many investment ideas can not be directly borrowed, but can be observed 3, "Currency War" ?Reason for recommendation: the description behind the history is too conspiracy theory, is the black point of this set of books but in view of the logic behind, there is still a certain Read the value of the content can be read, but not all believe, when the novel to see the editor would like to say: live until old, learn old, in fact, we can usually read a lot of books, by no means more than the above recommended book a road to Rome, see more, think more, do more, to achieve the integration, is almost a master

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