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The people talk about foreign exchange what is the magic weapon to make money

For our friends cashback forex the cashbackforexexness exchange people, most of the newcomers forexrebateclub relying on technical analys forex rebate club software, of course, choose a good software can indeed let the speculators get twice the result with half the effort, but if you choose a bad one? So we must carefully consider when choosing this guest of our "people talk about foreign exchange" Mr. Tu Weijiang, initially also use analysis software family, but after some fumbling, he became more and more fond of their own technical analysis, and found their own money-making magic, now let us listen to Mr. Tus way to make money!  Reporter: May cashbackforexbroker ask how much time you have been speculating in foreign exchange?  Mr. Tu: nearly a year!  Reporter: How do you think you are doing now?  Mr. Tu: I should say its not bad, on average, you can get about $200 a day, but as far as I know, many newcomers always expect to have hundreds of times the profit before entering, but the results are not so satisfactory Reporter: Mr. Tu, do you think the volatility of the foreign exchange market is too much to describe the storm clouds?  Mr. Tu: I think its better to answer your question with the right answer Reporter: In such a complicated forex trading, how do you get an average of $200 per day? Is there a pattern to it?  Mr. Tu: There are rules for everything, dont you think?  Reporter: Do you mean to say that there are rules to follow in the seemingly complex foreign exchange market or that there are magic tricks in forex trading?  Mr. Tu: Of course, simply give an example: when a country is about to announce some important data before and after the currency will always fluctuate, so the seemingly complex foreign exchange market still has certain laws to follow Reporter: follow the law, this is your magic weapon to make money?  Mr. Tu: There is a song that says follow your feelings, so my feeling is that the law is very important, you say what we do is not all have a law to follow! Sometimes follow the law, will let you take a lot less detours Reporter: Mr. Tu, then you can say specifically when you speculate in foreign exchange mostly follow what law?  Mr. Tu: the average line is a long alignment, I will buy the currency pair, and vice versa, I will sell; daily chart on the appearance of a large positive line, I will be appropriate to buy, etc., anyway, there are many laws of the foreign exchange market, I will not list them all, the important thing is to rely on their own exploration Reporter: Some people say that follow the trend, grasp the big and small, limit the loss of holding long is the magic weapon to make money, do you think?  Mr. Tu: This is indeed the magic weapon to make money, but I also want to emphasize the point is: they are also the basic conditions of speculation in foreign exchange, one can not be missing!  Reporter: Why do you say so?  Mr. Tu: First of all, lets go with the trend, if the market is clearly buying, but you are selling operations, not losing possible? And again, the monkey picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon little story you should still remember, right? Speculation in foreign exchange is also the same, can not be because of small winnings abandoned regardless, to know the small win + small win = big win Finally, said the limit to hold a long loss, with a stop loss to preserve the principal is indispensable, otherwise when the market is not good, the loss amount is not big Reporter: It seems that these three are really indispensable in speculation in foreign exchange every time you can follow these laws, right?  Mr. Tu: you are to the point, due to the existence of the psychology of profit, many people will be in this heel I am no exception, each time the reverse operation, always be mixed down, so I remind everyone must pay attention to this point Reporter: In addition to these three factors, you have other tricks?  Mr. Tu: I think its still the same: follow the rules If you want to be a constant winner, then never avoid them Reporter: Okay, thank you for Mr. Tus advice Today you put your own speculative experience and plate out, I believe it will certainly benefit our readers a lot In fact, there are many laws of speculative foreign exchange, but the magic formula for making money is only one, that is, follow the laws Thank you very much Mr. Tu for accepting our interview, but also I hope that Mr. Tu in the future on the road of speculation can go better and better, and hope that all the new and old people can benefit from our interview, so that profit is no longer a distant dream!

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