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The pairing method

What forex rebate club the pair cashbackforexbrokerg cashbackforexexness Pairing management is to make the foreign cashback forex inflows and outflows in the currency, amount and time balance each other The grouping method is the enterprise for a foreign forexrebateclub open position, create another foreign exchange reverse flow of funds to eliminate foreign exchange risk management method Grouping currency is usually to maintain a fixed exchange rate of currency, for example, between the Dutch guilder and the Belgian franc in contemporary still maintain a fixed exchange rate system due to Because of the limited variety of such currencies, the grouping of currencies also includes currencies with roughly the same trend of exchange rate movements The practice of grouping is to hedge a transaction with the flow of funds in the opposite direction, the same amount and the same time in another currency. When the local currency appreciates or depreciates, the third countrys currency as a group pair also appreciates or depreciates. The difference between the group pair method and the equilibrium method is that the equilibrium method is based on the same currency hedge, while the group pair method is based on two different currencies hedge requirements is to choose a fixed exchange rate and the exchange rate is a stable positive correlation between the two currencies group pair method is more flexible than the equilibrium method, but also easier to use, but can not eliminate all the Risk If a Hong Kong company exports a batch of goods denominated in Belgian francs to Belgium, in order to avoid the devaluation of the Belgian franc, it can simultaneously arrange a sum of the same amount and the same time of payment to import goods in guilders When settlement occurs, the Belgian franc depreciates against the Hong Kong dollar, the guilder will depreciate in the same proportion, so that the companys costs are reduced accordingly to offset the loss of the Hong Kong company to receive the Belgian franc devaluation Economic agents in foreign exchange The common methods used in risk management are.

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