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The offensive and defensive system of the foreign exchange trading system

The offensive cashbackforexbroker defensive cashbackforexexness of the trad forexrebateclubg system refers to the fact that the cashback forex system should have such an automatic mechan forex rebate clubm that can expand the results when trading is favorable and achieve maximum gains; when it is unfavorable, it can contract the front and minimize losses to achieve both offensive and defensive effects This offensive and defensive system should have the following characteristics: when trading is favorable, the position should be heavy and hold the position long enough; when trading is unfavorable, the position is light and the number of stops is low. To ensure that the trading system has such characteristics, the focus from the technical level to do a good job is to design an excellent position and stop-loss strategy only when the favorable time to add positions to achieve the effect of expanding earnings, and the difficulty of adding positions is very large, if the design is not good, but will drag down the overall profit, or even lead to a profitable position loss this must be combined with Other factors to consider, if the impact on the win rate after the position is not very large, and can significantly improve the profit and loss ratio, it is suitable to increase the position, otherwise it is best not to consider increasing the position stop-loss strategy will affect the holding time and the number of stops trading system generally corresponds to an optimal stop, we need to spend some time to find it, in addition, with the accumulation of profits, the stop-loss point can be set from small to large cycles, for example, in The margin of profit is very large, I may consider the large cycle trend change before stop loss, otherwise I will always hold, which will make a favorable position held for a long time stop loss less times this is also important, my trading system is suitable for unilateral trend, and in the oscillation will often stop loss, then I do only one direction in the oscillation, such as the general trend is up, then I only do long, at the same time, keep an eye on the general trend If I find that the general trend turns to the short side, then I only do short so that I can control the number of stops to reduce losses by half, can effectively reduce losses, and will not miss the big market trading system is best to have this automatic adjustment of the attack and defense system, in order to make the winnings expand, reduce losses attack and defense system is an important part of the trading system, playing an important role in expanding the victory, to protect the war, however, in the actual battle attack and defense system and is The difficulty lies in the judgment of the situation no one does not know that in favorable times should be proactive to expand the victory, in unfavorable times should be proactive defense, reduce losses In addition, the attack and defense system should be combined with position management, according to the judgment of the situation, to determine the proportion of capital investment, which requires a comprehensive understanding of the trading system and grasp, to be able to more accurately judge the rhythm of the system and the market fit, to understand Can grasp the probability of advantage first of all to judge the situation, according to the cycle to determine the direction of the trend of the market, there are only two, either unilateral, or oscillation, this should be combined with personal trading system to confirm the direction after the development of the strategy, unilateral in taking an active strategy, the position is heavy, while only doing the trend direction of the single, reverse single abandoned; in the oscillation to take a passive strategy, the position is light, and will observe the cycle Increase, such as the usual 2-hour chart to do a single, at this time should be observed to 5 hours or 6 hours chart, reduce the number of transactions the advantages and disadvantages of this strategy are as follows: advantages: in the oscillating market, the position is light, the frequency of transactions is reduced, can effectively reduce losses, control risk to a low level; in the unilateral trend, the position is heavy, can effectively expand the winnings, improve the profit and loss ratio disadvantages: when the market up when the first section of the market Often the position will be relatively light, especially if the market is very short, just started immediately after the end, will double the loss because of the late increase in position specific to my trading system as an example, my trading system mainly do single-sided trend, and in the oscillating market will lose money, due to the win rate is not high, there are often continuous losses therefore reduce losses, improve the win rate is my trading system to solve the problem, the discussion in this article is mainly Solve the problem of reducing losses, such as after a round of unilateral, now appear to be unable to make new highs (lows), defined as entering the oscillator, that is, position reduction, but when the entry signal appears, can not give up, but with a low position to try to open positions until the market breakthrough, and retracement to confirm the breakthrough again when the position back to normal levels Author: when thinking about a two

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