Home The most important difference is that in other industries dealing with people takes up a lot of weight.

The most important difference is that in other industries dealing with people takes up a lot of weight.

To trade for a liv forexrebateclubg, the requirements for doing things forex rebate club understanding human nature are far better than other industries One of the important differences cashbackforexbroker that in other industries, dealing with people takes up a lot of weight; while cashback forex, just fighting with the self, seems very simple, but it is more difficult Everyone has an advantage over others in understanding the self, so traders honestly self-analysis, education and improvement is the way to financial trading The strategy and technology are the foundation, which directly determines the profit and loss of each transaction; discipline makes the profit and loss have a consistent statistical regularity; and cultivation is the key to ultimate success trading is cashbackforexexness indispensable to life and life, but operating the financial markets is the best experience, concentrated life, but also the human nature of the people who survived, have far more than other The industry practitioners have more advantages, fewer disadvantages and a deeper sense of life their life is better than the vast majority of other peoples life total market is a microcosm of life to trade for a living is destined to a life of uneventful forex state  www.waihuibang.com  >   forex College  www.waihuibang.com/fxschool/, even the basic skills of learning there is no training internship classes, expensive tuition (even more than the vast majority of the amount willing to pay), and may make people end up with nothing the market does not guarantee happiness, but only gives the place and opportunity to pursue financial freedom Glory is short, ordinary is long, dreams are longer, long-term stable profit is a long way to go when the basic skills of trading did not pass, talk about the realm is very reluctant More often than not, the realm is a low hand did not figure out where the gap with the master of a pretext realm is not to climb to the top of the mountain to watch the scenery can be obtained, it is something internal, need to go through a long time to learn, feel, hone, comprehend and sublimation to learn the basic things about trading Something is necessary, although it does not lead to certain victory, but without these must not be able to achieve victory is definitely not a coincidence, although chance factors may determine victory or defeat most people are down in the search stage, and the search for the content of the fact that someone has long been summarized just most people do not believe or can not be converted into their own things, the result of a lot of energy and resources wasted in the same summary of the most basic experience with the previous people The process of learning to trade is full of hardships that people dont expect, and requires some talent, the right personality and conditions will make the learning process easier to have talent and willingness to pay, but also need to be enlightened and enlightened stage of epiphany feels wonderful, but after the epiphany does not mean immediate results, but also need to be implemented to the specific so that the attitude and philosophy of learning to trade is very different from other industries first, to keep Open-mindedness to absorb and reject everything is the standard: the best ideas, the best methods as long as they do not suit themselves, for themselves, is the worst Many people are very serious about doing something, maintaining some behavior patterns or habits, in fact, never know why either someone thought, said or did so, or they have been used to it, and did not think about what is good or bad for them So, you can not let the deep-rooted In the inner domination of their own, more can not let preconceptions prevent enhancements and breakthroughs at the same time, respect any battle-tested ideas and methods, on the one hand, do not underestimate, on the other hand, with a borrowed but not blindly follow the attitude Second, to maintain a reverent and humble learning attitude on the road of life, detours are necessary for everyone to go out of the problem do not be afraid, to be good at remembering and summarizing experience, can be in an objective and honest correct summary On the basis of their own, improve the ability and level of new difficulties encountered, through the summary will also have a new experience although the surface is still doing the same thing, but the inner growth is gradual on the other hand, can not have pride in the composition of the heart always keep the fear of the market and people, in order to find their own trading system in the short board complacent people see their highest plank, the law of the short board will prevent progress trading encountered Various conditions, bringing pain and pleasure is difficult to express in words if not personally experienced, will not be engraved in the heart to start on losing money is a good thing, losing money to buy lessons is definitely pay tuition is a process that each participant can not omit, lose their own money is the best way to learn and know the risk, and, first bitter then sweet than first sweet then bitter will have a lot of reluctance to deal with and unbearable difficult moments, but be brave enough to face When you encounter setbacks, you naturally want to return to your inner self for protection; at this time, the right independent thinking and reflection, will make the setbacks appear meaningful and shine bright once experience, good or bad, as long as serious reflection, are wealthy try to find people who trade for a living to communicate with mentors, or read more books written by them, and more independent thinking learning process, you will find simple and clear trading motto actually do but very difficult Some maxims are actually incorrect, or even if correct there is no practical value and their own trading process, regrets and stupid mistakes abound reading anything that can not teach the experience that can only be obtained from real-world trading! At this time, the need to control emotions, do not lose confidence in the dark groping, in the uncertainty of moving forward, is quite normal, do not lose yourself mistakes are not terrible, nor is it a reason to prevent improvement; rather, when aware of mistakes and defects and corrected, the danger of clear is ruled out brings a greater sense of security mistakes are the best teachers in reality, thanks to mistakes! When trading failure, the most common reaction is to immediately find excuses to cover themselves for example, lose money not to blame themselves, but the main force is too bad; or poor statements, bad news, and so on, cut off the opportunity to progress, lost money and energy for nothing there is a loss of self-confidence and negative decadence waiting for failure to bring themselves down, unnecessarily prolonging the learning and improvement cycle need to change the perspective, positive, every trauma, as long as they do not fall down All are bound to be a kind of maturity complaining about no role, no ability to change the market manipulated by the main force, only to adapt to the last, enjoy the art of trading happy satisfaction if you really have the upper hand (master of the master) level will naturally have the upper hand mentality, because you dare to say that you can win the master against who dare to say that you can win who? prematurely put themselves into the top position, in the actual battle is very unfavorable (Nie Weiping words) similar to Go, trading is the art of gaming, the vicissitudes of prosperity to go through several cycles to return to the basics, and finally to the mystery of the heart through the great joy and sorrow, after the epiphany of enlightenment original, trading is simple, win or lose are born from the heart extreme tension and pain to extreme relaxation and transcendence, back and forth, and finally condensed into a nirvana-like tranquility Peace and harmony, that is the unspeakable spiritual satisfaction of the inner world! Trading for a living, people already have their own mature trading patterns, rules, techniques, strategies and mindset, but also in the market mostly waiting, the only work required time becomes very little, sometimes monotonous and boring trading and traders are lonely, the face of the market to tolerate loneliness at the same time, real life is also lonely to fight the sword alone is only the surface, the real loneliness from within the professional characteristics determine the very It is difficult to find confidants who can carry out spiritual and psychological comfort, values and the general public are also different and trading for a living and have a lot of free time If you can not deal with this loneliness, over time will affect the trading state To solve this problem: First, to build a strong spiritual world more books, for example, the study of philosophy history humanities, and so on can read books that the heart is quiet spiritual pursuit guide sincere inner Transformation, with a constantly updated freshness, but also wisdom, but also the art of living linked to morality cultivation, thanksgiving life, is the market for traders to bring the greatest wealth and these riches, often only after a long period of time gradually, will have a sense of trading like a free trip, do not care about the destination, care about the scenery along the way, and the mood to see the scenery root K-line flow is happy and Second, to cultivate hobbies, will enjoy life because of the spirit of communication with fewer and fewer people, will feel marginalized; in the absence of communication with people, to be good at regulating the possible long depression in the heart; so, hobbies are best alone can do, can express emotions, in the process can enjoy, can find the beauty of life, to adjust the body and mind such as Sports, mountain tourism, fishing and camping, wine and tea, etc. This combination of work and rest, the harmony of the form of scattered but not scattered feeling, is the highest level of work of trading for a living so that trading for a living will permeate all aspects of life as one trading wisdom from a variety of views, knowledge, skills, strategies, experience and mindset to the realm of life philosophy

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