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The magic of the Bollinger Bands indicator

  forexrebateclub cashback forex indicator (Boll) is calculated by the standard deviation of the stock cashbackforexexness, and then the stock price of the trust interval The indicator draws three lines on the graph, of which the upper and lower two lines can be seen as the pressure line and support line, and between the two lines there is a stock price average, the Bollinger Bands indicator parameters are best set to 20 Generally speaking, the stock price will run in the The general use of the Bollinger Bands indicator in many books have told, here I will not talk about the Bollinger Bands indicator on the market forecasting role, although, like KDJ, MACD and other indicators can be used as a buy signal through the low cross up or sell signal through the high cross down, but these indicators have a shortcoming, that is, in the stock price consolidation usually in the process of stock consolidation, investors are most interested in knowing when the stock will consolidate to produce the market because if you buy the stock too early, and the stock is late, the utilization of funds will be reduced, and investors have to bear the risk of falling stock prices and the Bollinger Bands indicator can play its magic at precisely this time In fact, the use of Bollinger Bands indicator stock selection is to observe the size of the opening of the Bollinger Bands indicator, the opening of those stocks gradually become smaller, we should pay more attention to the Bollinger Bands indicator opening gradually becomes smaller on behalf of the stock price of the range gradually becomes smaller, the strength of both sides tend to be the same, the stock price will choose the direction of the breakthrough, and the smaller the opening The smaller the opening, the greater the strength of the stock price breakthrough then how small the opening is considered small, here you can introduce the limit of the wide indicator (WIDTH), that is, the Bollinger Bands indicator opening size of the indicator some software does not have this indicator, can be calculated by the following method: WIDTH = (Bollinger upper limit - Bollinger lower limit) / Bollinger stock price average in general, the limit of the wide indicator is less than 10 However, the threshold of the limit of the wide indicator value will change with different stocks, so it is best to observe the stocks limit of the wide indicator trend over the past year to determine the threshold of the limit of the wide indicator value After selecting a stock with a small Bollinger Bands indicator opening, do not rush to buy, because the Bollinger Bands indicator only tells us that these stocks will break through at any time, but does not tell us the direction of the stock price breakthrough, If you meet the following conditions of the stock breakthrough is more likely: First, the fundamentals of the listed company to be good, so that the main force in pulling up, in order to attract a large number of followers second, in the K-line chart, the best share price stands on the 250-day, 120-day, 60-day, 30-day and 10-day averages third, to see the current position of the stock price, the best choice of shares in the relative bottom of the stock, for those in Fourth, the indicator W%R (10) and W%R (30) values are greater than 50; indicator DMI (14) indicator +DI is greater than -DI, ADX and ADXR are going up I think the best time to buy is in the stock price volume upward breakthrough, Bollinger Bands indicator opening after expanding Bollinger Bands The indicator itself does not provide a clear sell signal, but I have observed that the stock price falls below the Bollinger Bands stock price average as a sell signal

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