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The four basic technical graphics of the foreign exchange market

Closing forex rebate club folding cashbackforexbroker, dem cashbackforexexness index folding chart, bar chart (BARCHART) and K- cashback forex chart (Yin and Yang chart) forexrebateclub currently popular to reflect the four kinds of graphics of the price of the foreign exchange market, but also the most basic and simplest analysis method 1. Folding line chart Folding line chart is the simplest graph, is the closing price of foreign exchange (or index) day by day with a line connection, used to indicate the general market of the foreign exchange Trend line chart has the closing price of the line chart, demand index (the highest index, the bottom index and twice the closing index and divided by 4) of the line chart 2. bar chart bar chart: the structure of the bar chart is simpler than the K-line chart, the straight line part of the bar chart, said the day (or the week) the highest price and the lowest price fluctuations between the left horizontal line represents the opening price, the right horizontal line represents the closing price in the customary usage often omitted the left side of the opening price of the horizontal line, only the highest price, the lowest price, the closing price on the graph usually only the opening price of the days trend has meaning, for the long-term history of the graph (the trend) does not have any significance 3. K-line chart ①. higher than the opening price, the entity part of the red (or white) drawing, known as the positive, when the closing price is lower than the opening price when the entity part of the black drawing, known as the negative ②. K-line chart of common patterns 4. The spirit of the bar chart is to focus on the study of trends, and it is very easy and fast to draw on the graph. The second situation in which the opening price is meaningful is when one of the buyers and sellers, after a long drive into the enemys line, does not have enough strength to return to the opening price, i.e., the impact is too long. Long and short sides do not have obvious differences in power, both can be concluded as the closing price and the highest price, the relationship between the lowest price status, to distinguish between multiple forces and short-side forces each bar chart or K-line chart shows the results of the battle between the long and short is similar to the investor does not necessarily have to stick to what graphics, the most important thing is to study the general trend of judgment

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