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The first time I learned a lesson from 700 to 15000

Th cashbackforexexness is the real deal of a friend of m cashbackforexbrokere who has never done stocks, nor futures, let alone foreign exchange, but he has a great advantage is not ashamed to ask questions, and can summarize the experience in time 2005, the stock market began to improve, in my strong persuasion, he went to open an forexrebateclub to invest a total of 100,000 yuan, in time for the good stock market, cashback forex more than twice In 2008, the stock market fell, so I persuaded him to take out part of the money earned from stocks, opened a futures account in 2008 to do two transactions, one is sugar, one is zinc, half a month to earn nearly double this time I persuaded him to take out the money earned in futures, to a company to open a foreign exchange account he first put in the principal of $ 5,000, two days to earn $ 1,600 followed by a nightmarish two weeks first A week, short selling the euro was cut off a loss of $ 4,000, 100 short selling the yen was cut off a loss of 2,700, not only the original profit all lost, the principal was only left with $ 93 again injected $ 2,500, one after another earned $ 1,200, unfortunately short selling the yen to buy the British pound was cut off a loss of nearly 2,900 U.S. dollars, bought the Australian dollar and lost $ 300 so far, from March From March 10 trading to March 25, the $ 8,500 invested plus the $ 250 account opening bonus, only $ 650 to see him in half a month to the futures market money earned are lost, I advised him not to inject funds, take the remaining $ 650 practice, long experience, if all lost, as a tuition fee summary of his previous trading situation, the main reason is too full positions, if not be I warned him: the position must not be full, the price is important, but the position is more important So my friend relied on his remaining $ 650, began to do one hand one hand (10,000 units), strict control of the position, after no longer be cut off Fortunately, he listened to my advice, began to do the yen crosses in April, a total of $ 2304 2304 U.S. dollars in May, a total of 9310 U.S. dollars earned to today June 9, the account balance of more than 14700 U.S. dollars 25 hands NZD / JPY long single, floating winnings of more than 1000 U.S. dollars, the account balance had exceeded 15000 U.S. dollars hope that this article can set an example to everyone, and to give friends with small capital and serious losses courage and confidence, as long as there is a breath, everything has possible forex rebate club

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