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The first thing you need to do is to get into the foreign exchange market to avoid harm and accumulate less

National Day seven days of fun, travel cashbackforexexness also happy! After seven days of long vacation leisurely, my mood is particularly relaxed cashbackforexbroker now that the holiday is over, forex rebate club have to quickly adjust my mindset, put into work, as well as continue my speculation of the road of the revolution has cashback forex yet succeeded, comrades still have to work hard, I encouraged myself to return home from work, I opened the computer, quickly browse the recent news of the currency market U.S. side of the recent situation is good, employment data better than expected, weakened The Fed continued to cut interest rates in October to stimulate the economy ¬ economy may be while the eurozone for the euros strong complaints forexrebateclub the upcoming G7 meeting may become the dollar bottoming out, a leap up the pedal but the market does not seem to stand idly by, a strong buying force is watching the euros wind, so that the euro can not be on, can not seem, between Europe and the United States will form Although the news at this time on the short-term favorable U.S. dollar, but from the long-term trend, the euro is still full of energy Although the current uncertain trend is not suitable for novice traders to enter the market, but the risk-taking mentality drove me can not help but throw a bet October 9, 2007, I bought 0.5 lots of EURUSD at 1.4080, and I set a stop loss of 40 points and a stop loss of 20 points Although I have given this operation on the insurance, but all day long, my heart is still up and down later, when I finally finished the work at hand to open the plate to see, the previous single has been closed out of the market, I have a solid 40 points of profit at this point, I breathed a sigh of relief, but greed again, so that I have the psychology of chasing a win but, coincidentally, a friend called me out, I had to close the plate. I had to close the plate As a taste of the sweetness of the previous day, October 10, the day I can not wait to enter again just open the plate, I saw the exchange rate is rising so I followed the last operation in 1.4128 to buy 0.5 lots of EURUSD, and again set a stop loss of 40 points and 20 points after the exchange rate also as I had hoped, in the price I set a stop successfully closed the position The two consecutive days of profit can not help but make me happy, everyone will talk about my performance but now I look back and think about it, my two-day operation is more or less a bit of a blind cat on a dead mouse misadventure color although in the foreign exchange market profits sometimes need to rely on luck, but more often with real skills However, the operation still has a place for me to be careful and cautious attitude, in the time of the order to buy only 0.5 lots, and all set a stop, stop loss. And all set a stop-win, stop-loss, which not only achieved my operation, but also make me tend to avoid harm, and accumulate more!

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