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The experience of veterans of the foreign exchange market share foreign exchange trading seven-point strategy

As the saying goes, kung fu does cashback forex lose the heart, sharpening the knife does not m cashback forexrebateclubexbrokers the woodwork, so early preparation, the use of good tools, often be able to do foreign exchange trading is also the same, prior to research clearly mean, support forex rebate club resistance, cashbackforexexness lines, K-line patterns, etc., the actual operation of the time since the benefit is great 1. Winning start 20 points, with appropriate practice to exercise judgment and decision-making ability, familiar with the characteristics of foreign exchange trading and then the pursuit of high winnings, it is planning and then move 2. 15-minute chart, suitable for short term trading, generally speaking, more suitable for novice practice and practical look at the 15-minute K-line trend to place a single, a win of 20 points is no problem 3. Before trading Can first look at the 4-hour chart, to determine the trend and direction; and then look at the 1-hour chart, focus on the trend of the transition period, study the trend of the next period, the excessive period, more important, to carry forward and backward 4. The shorter the time period, the faster the reflection, the higher the sensitivity; 1, 5 minutes suitable for ultra-short term, flexible and changeable, the trend is not stable, just, can be forewarned, sniff out the market trend and trend can choose Very good entry and closing points, especially the price run to support or resistance near, can study the market, but 1, 5 minutes is only suitable for ultra-short-term operation, failure to distinguish a trend, therefore, not recommended for novice operation 5. minute chart is down, but the price wants to rise, the price will sooner or later go down, such as being pivot point bounced back at this moment, you can choose, better prepare for the 6. short time period of the mean divergence than a long time long more reflect the market trend, 15-minute chart mean divergence, more important than the hourly chart, divergence is the mean and price fluctuations in the opposite direction 7. control the risk, and then win The stop loss of 20-30 points to protect the capital to do 10 times they may be wrong 3 times, three times the loss should be kept within 20-30 points, their profits should be far greater than the small losses do not be afraid of losses, life is not 100% sure of things In the actual foreign exchange trading, there is no sure win recipe, so for investors who want to improve the success rate of the operation, only their own Good at learning, more preparation, good at summing up, when the opportunity to break off, the above few are some of the veterans of the foreign exchange market summary of experience, for your reference to learn 

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