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The distance between the ideal and the reality of foreign exchange investment

Many investors enter the cashback forex exchange cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club to hold the purpose of making money, which is forexrebateclub wrong, but if you are holding the "ideal" of overnight riches to trade to get success will be more difficult, I am afraid that this is the distance between the ideal cashbackforexexness the reality But all people who enter the foreign exchange market speculation foreign exchange, want to The more you earn the better is greed, despise the market and take risks, the result of course, lose money undoubtedly some traders in the operation, just unrealistic imagination, they keep buying, keep selling, lose many opportunities to make money, the reason is that they go by the good wishes to trade so novice or amateur often frequent the market, even if there is no good opportunity, they Even if there is no good opportunity, they also want to do a few transactions before he does not stand firm, a few losses will end his career in the financial market this kind of people is to think of the foreign exchange market is too idealistic, do not recognize that the market is constantly changing, and this change is at any time, disorderly, want to be so overnight riches is impossible A successful foreign exchange trading investors also have illusions, he considered how to beat the market, and after success But in the specific transaction, must not be controlled by fantasy, then he should be a realist, carefully analyze the various factors affecting market fluctuations, detailed study of many different sources of information, after careful consideration to develop a practical trading plan to recognize their own possibilities and limitations and understand what is happening in the market and how people In short, we should decide our own behavior according to the objective phenomenon of the market, not to make decisions according to our own assumptions. Forex trading is not an unrealistic fantasy money-making tool, it also needs to follow the scientific method of trading, accumulation, otherwise it is likely to be profitable at the time, but the continuation of this method will lose more  

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