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The difference between profiteers and losers in foreign exchange trading

When mak cashbackforexexnessg a single start, cashback forex generally do not have enough patience, when the trend is unclear with the psychology of gambling to make a single entry; winners tend to endure again forex rebate club again, rather than miss or make a mistake, see the trend once clear and quickly open a position losers to make a single and winners to make a single even if the direction is the same, but the losers are destined to lose, while the winners are destined to profit because, once the losers and winners do the right one at the same time. Once the loser and the winner at the same time to do a variety of time, the loser forexrebateclub be very impulsive, will be around to show off their positions, and missed the best time to exit or prematurely out of the cashbackforexbroker winner will calmly observe the changes in the market trend, the shot when the shot, the hold continue to hold the winner can generally be at the end of the trend smoothly out of the game, to realize their profits, and then wait for the market shakeout while the loser because The loss makers are too early out of the market remorse, can not help but kill again, often bought in the early stages of the market shocks, and finally will be shocked to lose out and spit out the profits earned at the beginning of the trend Winners are confused before making a single, he does not know how the market will go in the end, in the end should be empty or should be more always in the trend is completely clear after the moment of reversal quickly kill, grab a little profit is quickly out of the loss makers in making a single before is Sober, his heart in advance will clearly predict the market trend, the brain has a clear long and short direction so, in the market when the false breakthrough began to quickly enter the market, book profits, he was complacent that he did the right direction and relaxed vigilance who know that the rapid market breakthrough is a false breakthrough, immediately the market to the opposite direction quickly do the real breakthrough winners at this time once the wrong, will draw the imperial sword After the hero breaks his arm, turn off the computer and go! Or immediately implement a backhand! The loser will be looking forward to the market back to the winning point, eyes full of bloodshot like staring nervously at the plate expecting the crocodile will come to his rescue! Finally, in desperation to blow up their little poor money Winners generally do not read the news, to read the information contrary to their own predictions of the market, and then more cautious about the market Losers look for news everywhere, like to read the news consistent with their own predictions of the market, and then let down their guard Winners have strict trading discipline, will find ways to forget how they won yesterday Losers also have strict trading discipline, but The winners and the losers hearts fluctuate with the market, but the winners usually like to turn off the chat tool and observe the market fluctuations rationally and calmly, looking for the most certain opportunities. Is it possible to be empty? At this time the winners have long made a single, waiting for the fanatical losers to take his single after the successful departure, leaving the battlefield to the losers, brokers and market majors   Although, I in my spare time to the winners and losers of a thousand descriptions, but my own time in the position of the losers still occupy most in their own space to leave these bloody lessons, looking forward to the day I hope that one day I will be able to completely understand myself and become a so-called winner who wins more and loses less

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