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The currency pair trend characteristics

cashback forex/">cashbackforexexness the foreign exchange margin trading, choose which currency pair to trade, the ultimate success or failure of the transaction plays a vital role how to choose a suitable for their trading currency forex rebate club also a lot of foreign exchange investors have always been confused by the problem many foreign exchange investors have a loss, think is their own forexrebateclub judgment error in fact, there is a blind spot is not easy to find, is that you If you choose a currency that is not suitable for your trading, if you choose the right one, the result may be different. The following, I only to the authors company operates the currency as an example, combined with their own rudimentary experience, to talk about the currency trend characteristics cashbackforexbroker the corresponding operating practices, inappropriate hope that the majority of friends corrected a direct disk, often divided into European currencies and non-European currencies according to custom, these two categories of trends are not the same 1, non-European currencies, which is represented by the dollar / yen, which is also the most familiar to the Chinese in Japan, the most concerned, the most traded currency pairs only so many investors choose to trade the dollar / yen, largely because of living in Japan, the yens exchange rate changes are more concerned about, and that it is easy to get a variety of information about the yen, there is a sense of affinity and relevance but contrary to the knowledge of most of the friends, I personally believe that, although we live in Japan The reason is that the Japanese governments intervention when the operation depends on guessing the intentions of the Japanese government, what else is the point? Obviously it should be down, but because of the Japanese governments intervention and long-term decline and because we do not know the scale of the Japanese governments intervention, stop loss is not good to put if you put a stop loss, worry about intervention when it is hit on; do not put a stop loss, and worry about when the trend reversal if there is no other choice is just, there are other good options, why do you want to hold the dollar / yen do not put it?2, the European currencies which are represented by I personally believe that this type of currency is relatively easy to operate, as long as you work hard, the chances of profit are much greater than other currencies A. USD/CHF is the most regular trend of the above mentioned currencies In other words, the trend of the Swiss franc is the easiest to use technical analysis means to determine the K-line theory, pattern theory, wave theory and other existing technical analysis means In the analysis of the Swiss franc trend, than the analysis of other currencies to the chances of fulfillment, but the specific problems in the operation of the U.S. dollar / Swiss franc is relatively small point value, relatively large fluctuations, stop loss should be placed larger Therefore, it is recommended that in the case of profit, psychological tolerance before considering participation in the U.S. dollar / Swiss franc trading B, the euro / U.S. dollar is the authors favorite currency The reason why I prefer the euro / U.S. dollar, there are several reasons. First, the trend of the euro is basically the opposite of the Swiss franc, but also more regular, the use of technical analysis means easier to judge and in the judgment of the euro trend, you can refer to the dollar index, the trend of the Swiss franc, etc., more references, the rate of error is relatively small two is a larger point value, fluctuations relative to the Swiss franc, the pound is smaller, easy to set a stop loss three is very few factors of intervention, easy to self-judgment Therefore, the author believes that foreign exchange Margin trading, EUR / USD is easier to start the currency C, GBP / USD in the general trend and the euro is basically the same, but because the currency circulation is smaller than the euro, fluctuations are relatively larger, especially the day up and down fluctuations, set a stop loss is also more difficult but once the correct judgment, profits are also considerable than other currencies so I think we should accumulate some experience and profits, and then start GBP / USD trading II. Second, the crossover plate which is represented by the GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY these two currencies is also a lot of companies in the Japanese main trading currency according to my personal opinion, for the foreign exchange investors who are not very experienced, should not even consider to touch the crossover plate reasons are as follows: First, the crossover plate fluctuations, the regularity is very poor existing technical analysis tools in determining the movement of the crossover plate, the accuracy rate Therefore, in judging the trend of the cross-plate, to a large extent to rely on the judgment of the trend of the other two related currencies, such as in the judgment of the trend of the pound / yen, first to judge the trend of the dollar / yen and the pound / dollar, in this case, the difficulty is equal to increase a number of times if you can really judge the trend of the other two currencies, why not directly trade the two currencies? Second, the day fluctuations are too large, it is difficult to set a stop loss cross-board fluctuations of 200 points a day is a very common thing few foreign exchange investors can afford to place a stop loss of more than 200 points many foreign exchange investors like GBP/JPY, because of the volatility but I have not seen a few people because it is volatile and profitable, but instead see many people because it is volatile and lost very badly three is the existence of intervention factors Bank of Japan in the intervention USD/JPY, the impact on the cross plate is greater than the direct plate and sometimes the Bank of Japan also directly intervene in the EUR/JPY exchange rate such a factor, I think is the market discordant factors, should try to avoid Therefore, I personally believe that the EUR/USD should be the main, and after accumulating a certain amount of experience and capital, taking into account the CHF/USD and GBP/USD for the cross plate, I sincerely advise all foreign exchange investors I think it is better not to touch!

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