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The balance and reversal between the Fibonacci spiral and the 180-cycle lifeline

The mean system cashbackforexexness one of the most basic forex rebate club important technical cashbackforexbrokerdicators The mystery of the mean is breathtaking, it plays a sort of mysterious power in the forexrebateclub trend After many years of in-depth study of the mean, the Hui Shang Luang Pao Pao editor has a special favor and love for the mean system The main significance of this article is to explore Analysis of the K-line cashback forex of instability contraction and expansion in the middle of the balance position exists, and how to logically determine the existence of it Hui Shang Luang Pang Xiaobian put forward a basic point of view, that is, the round 180 cycle in the Fibonacci spiral, playing a very important role in balancing support, that is, the 180 cycle of the role of the lifeline in the size of the cycle, 180 average often means support and resistance & nbsp nbsp;We first analyze the logic of the Fibonacci spiral in the K-line chart, which is our overall understanding of the K-line chart and the theoretical roots of technical analysis from the mathematical level  Think about the relationship between the Fibonacci spiral and the 180 lifeline, based on the following K-line logic: First, we believe that the K-line is the existence of sophisticated operational logic, even if this Logic is not generally recognized in the existing wave theory level, at least reveals that the K-line chart operation contains a large number of golden mean laws, its essence is different cycles of Fibonacci spirals in time and price split evolution which is the mathematical logic of the K-line chart We agree with this logic, based on these years I found that the K-line price running interval, there is a huge amount of Fibonacci Spiral law as proof of this in the stock market, currency markets, futures, etc. where there is a K-line pattern, are significant presence of this law Looking up at the stars, in the mind we link to the galactic chart and K-line, there is an inextricable link golden spiral structure, are playing a leading role in the core, there are a large number of scientific research works as proof  Second, K The second, K-line diagram in the form of intuitive, decrypted the code of things running, which is something we firmly believe in the two-dimensional world dominated by time and price, contraction and expansion at the same time in time, price two directions repeatedly evolved this dominant core, is the Fibonacci series and the golden mean spiral then there is no indicator to reveal this logic and law? The answer is yes Fibonacci application in the K-line, at home and abroad has become one of the main directions in the field of professional technical analysis common in the price range, do Fibonacci retracement and support line; and in the time dimension, divide the Fibonacci cycle, are many of the functions of the order software Third, the kernel of Fibonacci makes the operation of the K-line chart has a guiding function things in the interval The operation, following the inner law which is like DNA, some things from the beginning is destined to develop and grow in a certain way, it can only be the only it, and can not be other this is genetically predetermined, from the DNA to be confirmed that the so-called: the past determines the future of people and things in the distant past, has been able to determine the distant future, that is, the future there is a certain predictable This is a mutually corroborating relationship, of course, which is beyond the thinking space of the K chart What we actually want to express in this paragraph is that the Fibonacci indicator in the K chart, which has a guiding role for the trend of the K chart, is consolidating the foundation of our technical analysis theory Similarly, there is a The K-line chart, which has a double spiral channel evolution of time and price, is also destined to follow the Fibonacci cycle interval in some specific intervals, the operation of the K-line chart A Fibonacci cycle of the K-line operation interval chart  Venn angle line and Fibonacci retracement chart  In the above, we are discussing the relationship between the K-line and Fibonacci which establishes A basic logic, that is, the operation of the K-line established in the Fibonacci as the core, the size of the different cycles and price expansion and contraction of the repeated evolution This also raises another issue, that is, the K-line changes are always dynamic, and we need to explore the research in the field of technical analysis, to explore a static, in the dynamic to uncover some kind of deterministic law of the direction to  We believe that in the spiral form, there is indeed a balance interval Fibonacci spiral is not a non-stable form on the contrary, in every size nested cycle, the spiral is a solid form, it has a rotating core and balance line, and around the balance line for repeated evolution to discover this balance line, for our manipulation, has a powerful guiding role In many years of practical observation In the years of real-world observation, as well as a combination of some other friends in the field of K-line chart research, we agree that the 180-period SMA, is the balance line of the K-line spiral pattern  This chart is the recent EURUSD 4-hour cycle chart chart in the red line, that is, the 4H line of the 180-period line we can see the European and American running range chart in the red mark at 1, the euro upward attack 180 SMA In the red marker 2, after the first wave of attack wave back, at 2 for about 13 4H consolidation, and then dial the ground up, to start a formal new round of the euro upward attack wave 180 cycle in this chart, is a real lifeline, is the entire spiral alternating running system in the pivot and yin and yang conversion of the life of the door if you can not stand firm on this line, then the euro will likely fall, or consolidate around it, to time for space if stand firm and break through, often in the subsequent period of decline and consolidation, as a way to consolidate and confirm the foundation of the 180 lifeline All the K-line cycle within the takeoff and decline, are around the 180 cycle when the fall below 180, meaning The start of the downtrend; rise above 180 means the beginning of the rise We then take the USDJPY daily chart as an example to analyze how the 180 weekly averages play an important lifeline role in the larger cycle The USDJPY daily chart If it is not clear, you can click on the picture to enlarge it The red line in the chart that the 180 averages are at Red arrows 1 and 2, we see that 1 has shown that the daily trend of the U.S. yen has been close to the 180 lifeline, showing that the life force of the U.S. yen weakened at 1 several times to fight, and fell below the 180 SMA, and then gradually rose to rebound 180 lifeline, to the red arrow 2 eventually, the U.S. yen trend has not been able to break through the 180 SMA, which is its last chance of life subsequently, the U.S. yen began a A wave of sustained daily-level decline, until now This is the logic of the K-line chart range running 180 lifeline assumed the function of the bull-bear dividing line You readers of the Exchange Business Langya list of friends, you can use the stock software, to analyze and view the Chinese stock market more than 2,000 stocks, only retain a 180 SMA, to the daily level to view the power of the 180 SMA believe This will have a more profound understanding Welcome to todays article and views on the comments guidance!

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