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Technical analysis of the chart analysis method

foreign cashback forex trend graphs faithfully record the changes in each currency every moment, reflecting the h cashbackforexbrokertorical process of past exchange rate changes, is the objective basis for technical cashbackforexexness of foreign exchange transactions, so it is often said ' a forex rebate club is worth ten thous forexrebateclub words ' how to use the chart in foreign exchange transactions, help us to judge the trend of the exchange rate, to capture the time to buy and time to sell Chart Analysis method has certain advantages, mainly including the following three points: 1, simplicity of a price chart to the relationship between various variables and the results of their interaction is clearly expressed, the complex cause-and-effect relationship into a simple price history map, to chart the trend, it is easy to grasp the trend of change, and science and technology today, the use of computer charting, charting, reading the chart is very convenient to a variety of charting programs into software, as long as the program input data, graphics are clearly visible 2, objectivity of the basic analysis of the material, data, although objective, but forecasters in the price trend analysis often with personal feelings, for example, do a long will consider some of the factors of the market, and even some unfavorable factors as favorable; do a short is always more consideration of some of the off market factors, and even favorable factors As unfavorable factors and chart analysis is different, whether the chart is a buy signal or sell signal, are objective, not to the traders will to transfer so chart analysis has objectivity 3, a clear display of foreign exchange through financial training pointed out that there is considerable risk of short-term investment but the risk and opportunity is always equal, to avoid risk, profit, you must pay close attention to short-term price Trend chart analysis method used by a variety of price trend graphics, especially typical patterns, such as double low (double top) pattern, triangle pattern, etc., can indicate that the trend of foreign exchange rates may turn here, foreign exchange traders should buy or sell at this price level, which ensures that short-term investors in foreign exchange trading to gain profits and avoid losses Of course, chart analysis method also has certain disadvantages, in the trading process If you can skillfully use chart analysis for trading and combine chart analysis with other methods, forex trading analysis can achieve more accurate forecasting results

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