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Technical analysis 3 elements power trend and more difficult to grasp the characteristics of the cycle

This is a simple to complex forex rebate club return to simple process, its process is the theoretical characteristics of the forexrebateclub cycle cashbackforexbrokerto the cashbackforexexness and cashback forex of the progressive process of perception! In the 3 elements of technical analysis, power and trend of the regular features can be seen directly from the indicators, but only the characteristics of the cycle can not use indicators to reflect the direct understanding of the three elements of technical analysis is the most difficult to perceive a piece of the three elements of technical analysis, you need to look carefully at different times of the chart to perceive, we usually hear the most is the sense of trend s statement, and how to do it specifically, in fact, is to perceive the trend and power time cycle of mutual transformation relationship! A channel to the upward or downward price fluctuations in the market, we can be called a power pair up and down the power combination we can call 1 power cycle when 2 groups of power cycles constitute a direction of the price channel, then it is a trend is established ..... The trend will always end, if you look at the larger time period, the trend and power is not much different, the trend is actually an upgraded version of the power, but in the same chart of the different time levels say that the cycle has 3 main characteristics, these can not be seen directly from the K-line chart or indicators, we need to be careful to perceive: (1) the cycle and power in time after the combination, will If there are more than three power cycles of synchronous resonance, at this time there will be more extreme quotes, most indicators will appear divergence and failure, refining your trading psychology and analysis system (2) cycles and trends in time combined, there will be different levels of the trend in the same price area, due to the overlap and misalignment of the channel, resulting in different levels of (3) When the time cycle and momentum, the trend of the integration of all, will see through the price changes in the market this "gradual change and shift" nature, in its nature of this Include all the market random price quotes, with the fundamentals of the random and change, mutual tolerance of regular technical patterns quotes as they happen Never think you have fully perceived the third characteristic of the time cycle, traders are like treating the psychology of the girl around you, and like treating the sea when the mood of awe, better than treating the third side of our own human nature, the need to always maintain a sense of their own Caution in the psychological changes of trade execution

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