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Tangent theory teach you how to draw a line

 A, the content of the tangent theory tangent theory forexrebateclub to use straight forex rebate clubs to analyze the cashbackforexbroker of the theory of tangent theory po cashback forexts out that investment with the trend is very important, how to judge cashbackforexexness grasp the trend to become the core of investor attention according to the Dow Theory of classification, the trend is divided into three types: the main trend, secondary trend and transient trend trend direction there are three: a. up direction; b. . . downward direction; c. horizontal direction, also known as no trend direction trend line is to determine the trend of the simplest, one of the most effective method; II, tangent theory commonly used tools 1, trend line trend line can visually show the direction of the current price fluctuations in the uptrend, the two lows are connected into a straight line, so that most of the lows as far as possible in the same line, you get the uptrend line in the downtrend, the two highs in a straight line, so that most of the highs as far as possible in the same line, you get a downward trend line for the cross-trend, you can connect the highs and lows respectively with a straight line, forming an oscillation interval drawing trend line notes: 1) there must be a trend; 2) do not take the points too close, after drawing a straight line, should get a third point of verification to confirm that the trend line is valid, the more contacts the more effective; 3) can be based on the K-line shadow, but also the K-line entity; 4) the steeper the angle between the trend line and the level into the more likely to be broken, the flatter the more technically significant, close to 45 degrees, the best stability; 5) according to the development of the trend, the original trend line is constantly revised 6) the longer the price moves with the fixed trend, the more reliable the trend 7) when the price movement breaks through the trend line, it can be assumed that the trend may be reversing the use of the trend line 1) when the price falls below the rising trend line, is a short signal in the absence of a breakthrough, the rising trend line is the support of each fall 2) when the price breaks through the falling trend line, is a signal to do more in the absence of a breakthrough, the falling trend line is the resistance of each rally points hint when the breakthrough trend line, the credibility of the breakthrough can be determined from the following points to judge: ① closing price did not break through the trend line, not considered an effective breakthrough, can be ignored, the trend line is still valid ② if the closing price breakthrough trend line, must exceed 3% to be credible, or 3 K-line continuous breakthrough; ③ when the breakthrough trend line gap, the breakthrough will be strong and powerful ④ when the stock price breakthrough downward trend line need to have the cooperation of volume amplification; but fell below the uptrend line When the line does not have to have volume with the 2, track line (channel line) track line (channelline), also known as the channel line or pipeline, is an extension of the trend line concept in the opposite direction of the trend line has been drawn on the highest point or lowest point to draw a parallel line of the trend line, this parallel line is the track line two parallel lines form a track channel is to limit the range of price fluctuations, once the channel confirmed, the price will fluctuate in this channel another role of the channel is to raise the alarm of the trend turn and break through the trend line is different, break through the track line does not mean the trend reversal, but the beginning of the trend acceleration 3, fan principle (FanPrinciple) fan principle is based on three breakthroughs will reverse the trend principle, to determine the trend change theory fan line enriches the content of the trend line, clearly gives the trend reversal. Clearly gives the trend reversal signal uptrend, the first two lows to draw an uptrend line, if the price falls below the uptrend line just drawn, the new low and the original first low to connect, draw the second uptrend line if the second trend line is broken, with a new low, and the initial low to connect, draw the third uptrend line in turn becomes more and more gentle These three straight lines are shaped like an open fan, the fan line and fan principle thus named price breakthrough of the third (bottom) fan line, the table trend reversal trend line in the clear trend reversal has obvious shortcomings, operability is relatively poor fan line to avoid the shortcomings of the trend line, enrich the content of the trend line, operability, more reliable conclusions to change the original trend, you must break through the layers of resistance to eliminate all prevent the reversal of the force to confirm the reversal of the coming fan-shaped principle is only from a special perspective to consider the issue of reversal of the practical application, it is advisable to combine a variety of methods to determine whether the reversal is coming, a simple method is prone to problems 4, support lines and resistance lines support lines and the role of pressure lines (surportline), also known as resistance lines when the price falls to a certain price level near the will stop falling, or even back up this price to stop or temporarily prevent the price from continuing to fall is the location of the support line resistance line (resistanceline) also known as the pressure line when the price rises to a certain price level near, will stop rising, or even back down this price level to stop or temporarily prevent the price from continuing to rise is the location of the pressure line support line and resistance line role is to prevent or temporarily prevent the price to continue to move in one direction at the same time, support and resistance lines and the possibility of completely prevent the price change in the original direction support and resistance lines into each other a support line if broken, then this support line will become a resistance line; Similarly, a resistance line is broken, this resistance line will become a support line; support and resistance lines of confirmation in general, a support line or resistance line The importance of the current impact of the three aspects of a price in this area to stay in the length of time; second is the price in this area accompanied by the size of the volume; third is the support area or pressure area occurs at a time far from the current period;  5, the golden mean and percentage line golden mean golden mean is the use of the golden ratio for tangent line drawing; golden mean ratio. 0.382, 0.618, 1.382 and 1.618; the golden mean is a wave of the market important highs and lows between the rise and fall in the degree, according to the ratio of 0.382, 0.618, 1.382 and 1.618 to generate the golden mean, the price at the golden mean support and resistance percentage line is the tangent line drawing method using the principle of percentage rate. Percentage line is a wave of important highs and lows in the market between the rise and fall, according to 1/8, 2/8, 1/3, 3/8, 4/8, 5/8, 2/3, 6/8, 7/8, 8/8 ratio to generate the percentage line in each ratio, 4/8 is the most important, 1/3, 3/8 and 5/8, 2/3 four ratios are also very important, often playing an important role of support and resistance The magical chopstick line in the percentage line there are two groups of percentage line closer: 33% and 37.5%, 62.5% and 67% is called chopsticks, meaning that when the price touches the price level, will be chopsticks caught and can not be moved they are the effect of the more significant two positions 6, speedline (speedline) speedline, also known as speed resistance line, or resistance speedline is used to determine whether the trend will reversal of the tangent line speed line has some percentage line of thought it is the magnitude of each rise or fall is divided into three equal parts to deal with, so the speed line is also known as the three-way speed line drawing method: 1) find a rise or fall in the process of the highest and lowest point, then, the high point and low point of the vertical distance of three equal parts 2) connect the high point (in the downtrend) and 0.33 points and 0.67 dividing point, or the low point (in the uptrend) with 0.33 and 0.67 dividing point, to get two straight lines, these two lines are the speed line The basic idea of the speed line: 1) in the uptrend adjustment, if the extent of the downward fold breaks through the speed line located above 0.67, then the price will test the 0.33 speed line below if the speed line is broken, the price will (2) in the downtrend adjustment, if the extent of the upward rebound broke through the 0.67 speed line located below, the price will test the 0.33 speed line above if the 0.33 speed line is broken, the price will go up, marking the end of this round of decline, the price into the uptrend a few notes: the function of the speed line is to determine A trend is a temporary breakthrough or a long breakthrough (trend) speed line with the same principle of the sector, is also used to determine whether the trend reversal speed line is given by a fixed straight line, and the principle of the sector in the straight line is with the price changes and changes in addition, the speed line and has some percentage line of thought it will be divided into three equal parts of each rise or fall in the magnitude of the treatment, and the speed line is called a three-point method with other tangent line is different, the speed line may change at any time, once there is a new high or low, the speed line will change, the speed line once broken, its original support line and the role of the pressure line will change position with each other, which is also in line with the general rule of support and pressure line 7, Gans line (Gannline) Gans line is also known as the Gann angle line, Gans line is from a point, according to a certain angle, backward drawing of multiple rays Gans line is divided into rising Gans line and falling Gans line two, Gans line will be the product of the principle of percentage and geometric angle principle combined each line has the function of support and pressure, but this is the most important 45 ° line, 63.75 ° and 26.25 ° line these three straight lines correspond to the percentage of 50%, 62.5% and 37.5% percentage line A few notes: 1) the selection of significant highs and lows, if the selected point is immediately replaced by new highs and lows, the choice of Ganns line is also changed 2) if the selected point is a high point, it should be drawn down Ganns line, these lines play a support and pressure role in the future 3) if the selected point is a low point, it should be drawn up Ganns line, these lines play a support and pressure role in the future III, application Tangent theory should pay attention to the problem of support lines, resistance lines have the possibility of a breakthrough in the application of some confusing phenomena often have to wait until the price has left a long way, only to find a breakthrough of the effective and invalid impact on price fluctuations of many factors, support lines, support lines are only one of the aspects to consider in order to improve the probability of correct

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