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Talking about the grid trading method

Unfortunately, after 5 years of trad cashbackforexbrokerg stock futures index futures forex rebate club foreign exchange, I still havent found a very reliable way to make stable profits over time, nor can I get a large enough non-randomness from the statistics of historical data to guarantee stable profits The key to preparing a trading system is that the system should not depend on the parameters, that is, the parameters should produce similar performance when they vary over a wide range. I still consider myself a beginner in forex trading and currently trade forex forexrebateclub OANDA. A trader who is more or less the same seniority as me has similar views, but he has developed a concept based on his experience, which has been tested, discussed and developed by a number of other senior traders. This strategy in its most basic form goes like this: Lets say we are long EURUSD and also long USDCHF (the purpose is to hedge to reduce the risk in one direction) Long EURUSD: place a cashback forex cashbackforexexness every 25 pips in the range of 200 pips above and below the current price, with no stop loss on each buy order, and close the position with a profit target of 25 pips Similarly, do more USDCHF: in the current price of 200 points up and down every 25 points cloth a buy order, each buy order are not set stop loss, profit closing target 25 points implementation: daily every few hours to check whether there is a transaction after the profit closing of the buy order, once a single profit closing, for example, 1.2000 buy, and in 1.2025 close profit, then the buy order opened at the price of 1.2000 re-open a buy order, in other words, at any time to ensure that every 25 points there is a buy order if a price transaction has not been closed with profit, then at that price no longer open a buy order can be imagined, if the EURUSD rise, then it will trigger a series of buy orders on the EURUSD to close with profit at the same time the USDCHF is bound to fall, in the USDCHF will accumulate If the price of EURUSD then falls back, then USDCHF will rise and get a series of profit-taking closures on USDCHF, while a number of open buy orders will accumulate on EURUSD If the price seesaws back and forth in a range, it will keep closing profit-taking positions and reopening new ones, then closing them again with profit-taking. 20 test capital, with relatively high risk exposure, to obtain 4 weeks 4 times the performance, but due to weak risk tolerance, in early June the euro in a series of declines burst out of the position thereafter, he reopened the account with 30 dollars, using a relatively conservative risk management and portfolio, trading 8 currency pairs, so far gaining close to 80% of the gains other traders, especially system traders Other traders, especially systematic traders, have adopted this approach on a large scale, even using API automated trading, mostly with $10,000 or more in capital, and their returns have been stable

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