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Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)

 FINMA official website http://www.f forexrebateclubma.ch/ FINMA Introduction The forex rebate club Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), an independent legal entity, is headquartered in the Swiss capital Bern directly under the Swiss Parliament, independent of the Switzerlands Ministry of Finance January 1, 2009, the Swiss Federal Office of Private Insurance (FOPI), the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC) and the Anti-Money Laundering Control Authority (Anti-MoneyLaunderingControlAuthority) three units merged, combined into a mixed supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervision Authority ( SwissFinancialMarketSupervisoryAuthority (FINMA), which became operational on January 1, 2009, has a long history of regulating the banking and financial sector in Switzerland. It is the faithful watchdog of the Swiss financial sector, overseeing Swiss banks, insurance companies, stock cashbackforexexnesss, securities dealers and other types of financial intermediaries Swiss cashbackforexbroker exchange cashback forex are classified as regulated banks after passing FINMAs audit Switzerlands banking sector enjoys a world-class reputation Switzerlands small, beautiful country has the worlds densest banking network, and However, before 2008, Switzerlands banking industry and Switzerlands retail foreign exchange industry are two separate things Swiss banking regulators are not responsible for regulating foreign exchange brokers Before 2008, Switzerlands foreign exchange brokers are a mixed bag of investors like sheep, and unscrupulous companies are like hungry wolves hunting in the grassland, traders The Swiss government ordered that foreign exchange brokers operating in Switzerland must obtain a banking qualification in order to continue to provide foreign exchange trading business from April 1, 2009, Switzerlands revised banking regulations began to affect foreign exchange brokers, which means that Swiss foreign exchange brokers can only obtain a banking license after And the regulations also require Swiss foreign exchange brokers to have a minimum net capital of no less than 10 million Swiss francs This move raised the bar for the industry, but also the healthy development of the Swiss foreign exchange retail industry Swiss foreign exchange brokers events December 10, 2009, headquartered in Switzerland, the first foreign exchange brokerage MIGBANK in Neuchatel to obtain bank regulation In June 2010, DUKASCOPY (Dukasbay) was granted a banking license to accept FINMAs regulation On October 26, 2010, ACM, a foreign exchange broker based in Geneva, Switzerland, was acquired by Swissquote (Swisscom Bank) On September 25, 2013 Swissquote (Swisscom Bank) announced the merger of MIGBANK, after the approval of the regulatory body FINMA, the merger was finally completed on December 9, 2013 So far, the Swiss foreign exchange brokers only two strong contenders: DUKAS (Dukascopy) and Swissquote (Swisscom Bank) FINMA regulatory inquiries  nbsp;Please visit: http://tool.fxunion.com/FINMA.html

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