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Stop loss is the life of foreign exchange with the trend is the way to survive in the foreign exchange market

Many people th forexrebateclubk cashbackforexexness am an excellent foreign exchange people, in fact, I am cashbackforexbroker because first I have not opened a large account, nor have I done a large account second for the customer to earn money in the case of their own because they did not sign an agreement with the customer and do not get comm forex rebate clubsion But I can confidently say that I am an excellent foreign exchange people, at least from the previous results, it is so, not only because it can make the cashback forex On the constant spread of profitable information never wear position never be up and down stop counter withholding in it, never a large profit and then lost back but my main income is only commission and not from the hands of customers to get commission (so I am still moonlighting so far also do not have the money to open their own accounts), I like foreign exchange like to manipulate like this dry industry unfortunately never before to organize their own experience and ideas Although in the foreign exchange market to fight for a I remembered that often people take the initiative to discuss some issues with me, I always respond with enthusiasm and never say no. I always have a deep impression of this scene and now I remember it as if it were yesterday, so I decided to start my wording with such words, which is in line with my I like to be lazy nature to fit the following I will be based on some memories first on some of the issues that can be recalled slightly sorted out 〈A〉 why say into the foreign exchange market first learn to lose money I often say this sentence is not a joke although every time I say that there are always people like to hear the comedian throwing out the baggage of laughs more than I will talk about the following from several aspects of the real meaning of the sentence I speak (1) money to lose to understand the initial thought Underprepared to enter the market ignorant people have many people diluted to lose all the money is to lose unclear I have seen with my own eyes a customer holding a full short position in hand anxious fingers computer rushed to the broker shouted you get it to me how to get it to live soon be kicked out of the foreign exchange market so is not to lose in vain do not know how to set a stop loss also do not know when the situation to recognize the loss out of the field do not know how to control the risk is not the money lost unclear this is also The customer first into the first single after I never saw the customer I think maybe he has no relationship with foreign exchange from now on because ultimately he does not understand how this foreign exchange for him is only a disaster and fear of memory How to call the loss to understand it is to know the huge risk and then according to their own plans according to their own ideas according to their own pre-exchange to lose money This is like a bad joke like telling a joke of course I do not want you Im not asking you to actively look for the purpose of losing money, not to let you lose money with the purpose of making money, of course, Im saying that every time we should have a specific plan if the market goes against in which price level out of the field when the loss of how much money is very sensible to admit to lose a battle but does not mean that we lost the whole war do not worry about the opportunities that will follow as long as we still have the strength to win at any time I said The loss of understanding also includes you should understand in advance after you lose the money on the overall impact of your operation whether there is a significant impact on the strategic and tactical adjustments required, including the impact on your mindset (2) to lose money justified The market is not every single loss of money is a bad single nor every single money is a good single A good broker is the key to lose money justified to earn the rules What do you mean to lose money justified? Justified it First of all, your profit-risk ratio should be reasonable is how much risk you take to seek how much profit the problem If the market goes against I am prepared to admit to lose 30,000 yuan to leave the field if the right in reaching the next resistance and support level before I can earn 3,000 This is a good reason if the market goes against you really lose money to leave the field I think you lose no reason because you risked ten times you seem to have completely forgotten to small The idea that you are a big bo small because even if you win nine times in a row is not enough for a loss but how sure you are that you will win in a row? Such ideas operate before you enter the market has already won or lost Bi see if you swap the two profit - risk ratio is not you think the loss is more justified?  Secondly, the price of the exit should be set at an effective support and resistance after the level that you should identify a hurdle to make your own risk-based reasons to defend the hurdle means that here we can verify the trend of the development of the big picture at a very small cost in these fiercely contested hurdles often play the classic drama of the foreign exchange market with a small gain Thirdly, if it is a sharp upward market and a sharp decline If you want to follow the trend of the above two conditions are no reference value how to (1) small single volume follow up with the market progress gradually increase positions (2) momentum slightly reversed or stagnant decisive regardless of profit and loss immediately leave the field to remember what kind of market we dare to do because we are confident that we can decisively control the risk of even greater risk we should also be able to control our losses so some people look at me to do a single say I am bold Some people say that robustness is actually all right global robustness local boldness overall robustness individual boldness both indispensable 〈Two〉 Why do you say that the unilateral potential can not be counter-done Originally, the unilateral potential market is theoretically a great opportunity to make money and win, but people have been used to the ups and downs of the market when it is shocked by this seemingly irrational market, such as on the unilateral upward trend of the market that has risen very high sooner or later to fall I think its better to choose a higher price to do short on my experience in the single-sided city because of the market and do not set a stop loss and thus a wave of the market hurt or even kicked out of the field of a lot of people again, according to my experience in the single-sided potential if you go to persuade people to do more with the city is really difficult until now I always emphasize not to reverse do why First of all, we often hang on the verbal trend to do a single can not reverse the city but this sentence and who has really understand it?  What is called potential what is called the big potential unilateral city is the biggest big potential you can also find out the bigger big potential you do this is more stupid than giving up the opportunity ah is a good opportunity for you to become a disaster, in real life really bad to find an image metaphor to compare this stupidity if this is not called counter market what single can be called counter market it?  Secondly, you may think that the upward trend or downward market has been weak, may as well do a single so-called strong crossbow at the end of the potential can not wear Lu Onyx also said so theoretically right but you in practice with Lu Onyx --------- a kind of gauze to block a strong crossbow in eight out of ten or be shot through because where is the end you should stand in which the exact point is very difficult to grasp Thirdly nothing is absolute if you do If you do see an extremely effective historical resistance level to try is not at all unreasonable but should set a good stop loss foreign exchange market only firm stop loss strict discipline is absolutely necessary 〈Three〉 how to explain never lose big money to small is the essence of foreign exchange we are always in the foreign exchange market in principle at a very small price to win huge profits every time the market goes against how much we can plan beforehand and the matter If we did not take the initiative to do the prior planning and control in the matter then we are left with only one thing to accept passively that is to regret afterwards We resolutely implement and control we have done half of the small bo big that is to small two words if you can not do a small bo big nothing to talk about you can only be a big or even a big bo small like war first protect yourself to effectively destroy the enemy Protect yourself is not not to make sacrifices, but to minimize the sacrifice in the case of continuous errors in judgment or the lack of accuracy of our judgment, the smaller our losses after each single failure, then the longer we survive in the market, the more chances we have to come back from the dead. In the case of mixed judgment, if each loss is less than the winnings, then we must have a surplus on our books. On the side of victory and each loss the smaller the win the more the average of each win and loss the greater the ratio of the win the more profit 〈f〉 Why never make a small fortune Once a friend excitedly told me that he had done nine consecutive single are winning I asked how much he said close to 10% of the win I cautioned him that you win 1% each time but how much you risked it he was asked by me obviously he had never considered this issue Because it is a friend I went on to say that in the foreign exchange market you win how many times the meaning is not very significant to make a small amount of money is not very meaningful and should not be a loss to make up for multiple wins and should be the opposite so that a win can make up for multiple losses each time you must be able to see a few times more profit than the risk before entering the market friend did not think so a few days later a wave of the market to go against making him wear a position out of the market I do not know if he left with some comprehension In fact, you have to make in the market to make Your profit single than loss single is very easy to do because even if the big trend to do the opposite of the single often has the opportunity to profit in the shock out of the field (if the profit single more than the loss single is your pursuit) even if a number of consecutive profits is not more difficult than the continuous sitting in mahjong, but there is one thing we should not ignore the mahjong game each time the ratio of profit to loss is roughly 1:1, so the final profit and loss and the number of times you and tiles The number of draws is the decisive factor in the final profit/loss and how much profit/loss. Originally, the foreign exchange market provided us with a place where the winning rate is greater than at the mahjong table. I think if you finally leave all the sheets for a farmer friend who has never done foreign exchange to see maybe he will say why every time you make money so stingy and lose money so generous ah!  Of course, I can often find in my hands to earn a small amount of money single but that is never subjective intentional but the big trend against the hastily left the field only 〈five〉 why winnings must be released to small bo big ultimate goal is to make big money in the market to see profit on the go not only against the principle of bo big but also not at all reduce the risk you take of course for each time the risk of this time with this settlement also disappeared but you immediately drill into another The number of times you take risks is increasing, but you only take risks for small profits. You are in the tigers mouth to collect sesame seeds. From the big picture our profit target should be set at

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