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Speculation in foreign exchange set stop-loss disc skills analysis

engaged cashbackforexbroker speculative foreign exchange trading must admit that the middle may be wrong cashbackforexexness an inevitable thing, in order to make mistakes in time to surrender, stop loss from the field to avoid that small mistake into a big mistake, get deep in the mud foot In fact, the role of the stop-loss disc is to protect investors in the decision to make a mistake, to reduce the loss of the only way, we often say that an accident is fatal, but if you can carefully use For example, the stock cashback forex crash of the year caused many foreign exchange investors to lose their fortunes if they were careful to analyze the trend and place a stop-loss disc before the market reversal automatically stop loss out of the market, you can safely survive an unprecedented catastrophe then the skill of placing the stop-loss disc is how the stop-loss disc must be placed in the place to confirm the market trend will be reversed to play a real role ordinary speculators, the stop-loss disc on the The use of the forexrebateclub, usually the most easy to model the fault of the three categories first, think of themselves as a long victory, do not care to set the stop-loss plate second, there is a stop loss in the hands of the third, arbitrarily use an amount as a stop-loss plate for the first category of speculators the market will sooner or later punish it, no need to discuss, of course, absolutely not to follow the second category of stop-loss plate in mind, the cause is afraid of unwarranted stop loss to leave the field, to leave the field before deciding whether to cut positions, but Human weaknesses often refuse to admit defeat, and temporary indecision, so the consequences of not setting up a stop-loss order in advance is usually the lower the stop-loss order to make a big mistake, until the time when they can not stand it is forced to close the position to the third category of people, arbitrarily to a certain amount as a stop-loss order, is really asking for trouble, for example, Jun short selling gold willing to bear a loss of $ 1,000, and want to do three lots of contracts, so set each contract The most common scenario is that the gold price will continue to fall after the market trend touches your stop-loss order, and you would have had the right investment direction, but because of a strategic mistake, you left the market with a stop-loss for no reason. The second does not break into the stop-loss disk, that the trend is still as expected development, the handheld disk, you can continue to ride the wind, enjoy the fun of winning money to the end of the As for how to choose the appropriate price to set the stop-loss disk depends on their own analysis system, such as wave theory, pattern analysis, averages, or computer analysis system, there will be different methods of calculation In short, we believe it is worthwhile to comply with the forex speculation. We believe that it is worthwhile to speculate in foreign exchange to pay attention to the following points: First, must be set before entering the market stop-loss plate, after the market can safely inspect the development of the second, set the stop-loss plate, do not feel free to cancel, or in the case of a loss of the stop-loss plate back third, we must pay attention to the use of the principle of the ground Mo enterprise if most people will set the stop-loss plate in the same position, away from some important price level Avoid a net fourth, enter the foreign exchange market direction is correct, you can set the original stop-loss plate stop-loss price, follow the development of the market trend gradually adjusted to ensure that the vested interests while trying to earn more profits, at this time, the adjusted stop-loss plate can be called to earn plate, for example, after selling gold, gold prices fell, you can gradually reduce the stop-earnings plate to ensure that remember profits and try to earn more

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