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SMA - all forex traders can not get around a road

market quotes are divided into two kinds of unilateral, a consolidation of these two market trends cashback forex be summarized in a very valuable trading system, but due to the different habits of users, the trading indicators involved inevitably have differences, we speak of two trends trading method deviation of one of the examples in any of the mt platform, open trend indicators, you can see heaps of indicators for everyone to choose forexrebateclub every trader in the process of learning to trade, inevitably involved in the forex rebate club cashbackforexexness single average of the eight methods of use (Granbys Law) are as follows:  1, the average line from the decline gradually turned into a d cashbackforexbrokerc-type rise, and the price from the average line below the breakthrough average line, for the buy signal 2, although the price fell below the average line, but immediately back up to average, the average line still continues to rise, still for the buy signal 3, the price trend in the average line, the price did not fall below the average line and immediately reversed up, is also a buy signal 4, the price suddenly plunged, fell below the average line, and away from the average line, it is possible to bounce back up, is also a buy signal The opposite of the four forms of performance is a sell signal average line combination of the derivation and use of many Many people, who feel that an average line is difficult to frame a suitable trading system, believe that the average combination can become more appropriate buy and sell signals, because the long and short term average crossover signals are more clear Then the question arises, what is the appropriate average cycle? There is no clear answer here, there really is no some cattle I know, some of them use 12, 26 to build trading signals, some use 30, 60, long term investment useful 144 and 237 this is what they look for to suit their technical indicators, although the same averages, but the time period is different but they have a common perception is that the time table to look at can never be below the 30-minute chart The time unit, or else a long period of consolidation produces an extremely large price risk! On this point, I hope that the majority of traders can listen to my own use of the average combination system, is to make most people difficult to accept the basis for the creation of a human sentence is, how anti-humanity I do how few people in the world do not look at the k line, then good! I will not look at the k-line! Use other methods to replace the k-line, as long as I can tell the trend up or down is enough, there is a clear signal to open and close positions on OK then how to profit? Two options: 01, find a super high probability of profit indicators 02, find a stupid way not afraid to lose money anyway, I am not smart, considered a stupid person, then I can only find a way to live in a stupid way any long-term effective profit technology, have the same quality, that is minimalist Similarly, any long-term profitable traders, have the same quality, that is, consistency As for the consolidation market can use what What are the technical indicators? Lets talk next time

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