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Six strategies to avoid losses

  The follow f cashbackforexexnessex rebate clubg summary of some of the speculative foreign exchange countermeasures cashbackforexbroker strategies is necessary to avoid total failure and to be proudly included in the circle of speculative foreign exchange winners The following constitute the essence of the basic strategy: (l) participate only in those markets where the market forexrebateclub is strong or where the main trend of the market is forming Recognize the current main trend of each market and hold only (2) Assume cashback forex you are trading in the same direction as the market trend and build your position on the basis of the large spreads that have been generated by previous or subordinate trends, or build your position in a moderate retrograde position to the current main trend of the market; in this regard, you must be careful if you misread or ignore the current main trend of the market, disregard the irredeemable (3) You can form a very favorable movement in a market-calling position, so you should hold on to such positions Because of the premise that there is a favorable movement in market-calling positions, you should tolerate any small trend movement and not easily trade frequently on that movement or try to make quick profits from counter-trend trading (4) Once the direction of movement of the position held is in your favor and your technical analysis confirms this favorable trend movement, you can increase the position held under certain conditions (Ginyu Tower) (5) Unless the trend analysis indicates that the market has reversed and your order has been stopped out, you should retain the position held at that point, and if you are very attentive to the market, you should However, if you have hedged your position and subsequent market behavior indicates that the primary trend still exists and your hedge is premature, you should absolutely re-establish your position in line with the primary trend, but do so carefully and objectively (6) But what if the market moves in the opposite direction of your expectations? First, how do you know that the position is being held incorrectly? If you cant figure it out, then the daily equity position can tell you in some unspecified way that, in accordance with the thumb rule, the margin ratio for investing in stock trading should not exceed 40%, and for foreign exchange trading should not exceed 30% Dixon Watts, a famous commodity speculator of this century once said: quickly escape or do nothing he may have very strong assets, or is a very capable He may have very strong assets or be a person who is very capable of taking pleasure in suffering, thus saying the part about or do nothing My suggestion is to adopt his other propositions in addition to or do nothing Finally, it should also be emphasized that although the most important factor for success in forex speculation is a consistent and viable strategy, three additional important elements are needed: discipline, discipline, or discipline 

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