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Six aspects to enhance the ability to manipulate foreign exchange explore the holy grail of trading

The holy grail of cashbackforexbroker cashbackforexexness forexrebateclub the distance, it is sacred, not a simple pile of money, but the crystallization of human nature in trading after quenching forex rebate club refining, it is a journey of inner exploration it combines wealth, nobility, health to do professional trading, to have this mentality about the murmur of the market, the murmur of trading and the murmur of the platform, different The information comes from multiple channels, dazzling Despite this, we believe that adhere to their own philosophy, in the chaos of finding a quiet, for trading is really important from a thousand strands of the most core things, focus on solving, very important Whenever late at night, we turn off the computer to ask ourselves, will think about trading strategies and manipulation of the problem we should adhere to How about the concept of how to stop loss, the entry point and exit point is right, with which indicators to measure, there is no better indicators These questions, from the stock market, futures to foreign exchange, across the holy grail of exploration trading in front of each investor, what do you think is the most important? The remittance business Langya small summary of many key points, and we discuss to get the holy grail of trading in foreign exchange, the formation of long-term stable profits, or need to improve from the following six aspects 1. trading mentality 2. manipulation discipline 3. capital size 4. trading system 5. cashback forex control 6. habits trading mentality mentality determines success or failure to do foreign exchange derivatives Trading, mindset to the late maturity of the trading system can account for more than 70% of the dominant factors We do not advocate mindfulness, but the mindset determines the behavior, it is important to recognize the primary role of the mindset We often say that trading is like cultivating the body, which is a hard practice, is this truth How to practice? Foreign exchange investors need to recognize the arduous nature of trading, it is full of bright prospects, but also a thousand difficulties from the constant successes and failures, sum up the experience, sharpen the mind, review and reflect Leverage amplifies human nature, the foreign exchange market can best discover the inner restlessness, how much bubble and frenzy will be in this market to the quiet We say, in your decision to participate deeply in this thing, be ready not to reach the goal not The holy grail of trading is in the distance, it is sacred, not a simple pile of money, but the crystallization of human nature in trading after quenching and refining, it is a journey of inner exploration it combines wealth, nobility, health to do professional trading, to have this mentality manipulation discipline an invincible army, it must be the army of words and actions, the mission must be achieved, the It has iron discipline and steel-like will to obtain the Holy Grail of investors, in the process of trading this practice is also bound to be able to develop an iron discipline of manipulation whether it is stop loss, or strategy and position, are able to pre-plan, firm implementation   firm implementation of discipline is an extremely important part of the manipulation of foreign exchange manipulation unsuccessful, ruined by slack, burst in the reckless dry this market, there is no fluke and tears, the only cold results of being trapped in the market. Only the cold results were set to add positions, trying to get a chance to market reversal by fluke, are reckless behavior, not professional manipulators do, but also not in line with the concept of rigorous trading Excellent manipulators have pre-planning, implementation and post-event summary of various trading plans are complete, in the face of a variety of trends have trading roadmap, manipulation into a system, on the scale of the process only need to follow the trend to perform The first thing you need to do is to be a mature trader  If you dont do this, it is recommended to write a good copy of your lifes first trading plan, and then go on a trial basis This is really important otherwise the discipline of implementation, there is no foundation!  The size of the capital In the Hui Shang Luang Pang manipulation system, we particularly emphasize the manipulation of the size of the capital problem This is the actual problem encountered in many years of experience because the size determines the stage target, in the case of advance planning of earnings, it significantly affects the risk control one month to earn 10%, and one month to earn 2%, manipulation ideas have a great difference, risk and tolerance also The difference is very large In large capital manipulation, we believe that a month to make 2% to 4% return, is a more comfortable range but in the use of small and medium-sized funds, when the amount of capital is too small, will inevitably raise the risk to win the absolute return, the corresponding risk will be greatly magnified, the risk control system becomes vulnerable The size of the capital to match the revenue target, based on this planning risk control system Do not use inappropriate funds, to boast too high returns, which is one of the most important reasons why most investors can not stabilize profits Trading system Trading system is a system engineering, can not use a short space to complete it at least include: Technical analysis system; capital management system; investment research system; risk control system; In the foreign exchange industry, most investors Used to short and medium-term operations, and market trends and central banks, the international situation, important meetings are closely related to it has a certain complexity, but the foreign exchange market is the norm Technical analysis system in foreign exchange trading is crucial, it and the capital management system constitute a double sword technical analysis and market strategy to obtain excess returns, capital management to achieve risk control This is our technical strategy and capital management of the two major The definition of the core of the trading system will continue to be explored in detail later, here no longer tired Risk control Derivatives and leverage trading risk is everywhere market risk occurs in the place of performance: Inner expansion risk position risk sudden data risk black swan risk platform risk trading risk state depression risk In the above major risks, the The core risk lies in the position risk years of trading experience tells us that as long as the control of good position, you can control the overall risk of trading position a large, increased retraction, psychological pressure multiplied, trading natural deformation of all ideas and control measures will be greatly reduced, stop loss and discipline into a luxury Therefore, to control the risk of trading, the first thing to control the risk of position This is also the most common sense, can be effectively implemented A risk control measures trading risk comes from poor technical execution and errors in judgment, which is a common tactical trading problems, can be repeatedly summarized in practice and learning to improve by learning trading techniques, study K-line charts and various technical indicators, as well as deepen the understanding of currency, international trade, current affairs, to obtain a judgment of macro trends habits long-term trading Like a constant war, it is brutal in brain work, there are few things more stressful than forex trading! To ensure the state of trading, maintaining a keen sense of the market and judgment, must be attached to from the habits of life manipulators stay up late, often sitting and other life routines need to go to overcome, physical exercise and outdoor sports, interpersonal transactions need to be strengthened in order to regulate the pace of life, better put into trading compare the above six aspects, you think as a trader, which aspects can be better to enhance it? Welcome to leave a comment to discuss 

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