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Signs of foreign exchange trading losses

A, the most helpful to everyone forexrebateclub, cashbackforexbroker to provide a profitable strategy, but to correct bad practices and establ forex rebate clubh the right habits Most people participate cashback forex the sit-down Q&A or live lectures, basically for the night or the recent trading strategy, hoping to immediately make a profit so in the lectures and Q&A is to try to provide trading strategies The right trading habits. Is the key to continuous profitability momentary trading strategy often allows you to make a small profit, but long-term profits for most people is still just a distant dream trading habits in the most simple is: trading absolutely can not be arbitrary, people can not exceed the cashbackforexexness Second, really good money opportunities are not so much Many people think so: the foreign exchange market every day everywhere is an opportunity, every day there are many opportunities to make money The appearance of this statement is not wrong. The appearance is not wrong, the foreign exchange market 24 hours in operation, and can be two-way transactions, instant transactions, theoretically there should indeed be countless ultra-short-term opportunities every day but the substance? If you add one condition to the countless opportunities: the requirement of risk control? Many peoples problem is: only see the opportunity, never see how much risk you need to pay for this opportunity or even blindly because an expert said a currency to rise, and buy at any cost, but also continue to increase positions, regardless of how much to retrace before the rise of this is also a lot of people this year in the non-US bull market year but one of the main reasons for the explosion of positions Three, do not set a stop loss, until the account can not The most important reason for blowing a position is not to set a stop loss many people say they will not set a stop loss so do not set, in fact, the root of the problem is still psychologically unwilling to set a stop loss, unwilling to bear small losses, unwilling to admit fault to the market too early, and at the same time also constantly with the market has risen so much always to pull back, right? Such words for self-comfort The market, never too much up and no longer up, and never too much down and no longer down This is a principle point of view that I just absorbed when learning technical analysis, in fact, is also the basic principle of Dow Theory: trend Many people only pay attention to one-sided skills, such as spending a lot of energy to predict, operate a rally, but forget the root of technical analysis Dow Theory Stop loss, but also is a habit that can not be changed overnight, but at least as a cognitive, every time you trade ask yourself, what if you are wrong? Where does the market go wrong? Any guru can not give you a 100% guarantee that the transaction can make money, if there is such an opportunity, has long used the entire fortune to make a position Fourth, in order to trade and trade Many people as long as they look at the plate, they will want to do transactions do not see the opportunity, but also have to hard to find themselves a possible 10 points of profit opportunity, after all, even if the United States is closed, the market fluctuations will be more than 10 points The purpose of the transaction is to make money, then The opportunity chosen should be the opportunity to generate profits, rather than doing transactions at any time, because a reasonable opportunity to make money is never any time anyones cognitive ability is limited, and the foreign exchange market is infinite, we are using a limited law to analyze the infinite market Five, the hope in others Some investors trading, hope is always pinned on others, perhaps because they Will not analyze, perhaps because they do not have confidence in their own analysis, but as long as others say, especially a certain expert said, or most people are saying, but firmly believe, and even do not control the risk of following this approach is correct or not at a glance can see, today look at this persons analysis to do, tomorrow look at that persons analysis to do, and ultimately do not have their own ideas, feeling that no one is commanding the guerrilla warfare, fight the Sixth, subjective expectations of the market after entering the market, subjective expectations of the market how to go, so that the market will be how to go, especially when trading losses have occurred, how to see the market will go in the direction they want to go, so this also becomes the reason for not setting a stop loss Seventh, no trading plan I found that there is a complete trading plan of the public investors rarely, most people always jump directly into the market, staring at The majority of people always jump directly into the market, after the target of hope into the market found an intolerable error, only to consider how to do this time because they have entered the market, few people can do to objectively analyze the market again, how to see the market will go in the direction of their own expectations, but the structure is always the opposite The complete plan before entering the market, in order for us to stand in an objective perspective to analyze the market comprehensively, to develop a relatively objective trading plan, so that Success rate will be higher eight, can not hold a single, see profits on the run, losses on the shoulder There are too many of these situations, just do trading people are often such Change this situation is also to change their habits, that is, the habit of adhering to the integrity of the trading plan, since the formation of a plan, strict implementation is also part of the integrity of the plan If you always think what if … &hellip The market at any time there are what-ifs, stop-loss is to prevent what-ifs, since set a good stop loss, it is necessary to wait for the other 9999 thousandths Nine, completely talk about trading discipline Many people do not even know what trading discipline is simply what circumstances absolutely can not do trading Human weaknesses are too many, everyone has, and it is impossible to completely overcome how? Rely on discipline, trading as a war, a need to painstakingly operate the business, which has a lot of iron discipline, strictly to limit the circumstances of what absolutely can not do what things such as my trading system clearly stipulates that as long as the day loss 1, the day absolutely do not do a second transaction; down momentum when absolutely do not buy; single-month profit of more than 20%, the rest of the month mandatory rest and so a Discipline of the system Ten, learning is not a one-off, learning is a long-term thing Many investors in the sitting period have expressed interest in learning, hope to systematically learn about forex trading idea is very good, need to adhere to

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