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ROC characteristics

   (1) forex rebate club indicates the size of the rate of r cashbackforexexnesse or fall of the stock forexrebateclub  If it is an uptrend, cashback forex ROC is positive, in addition ROC step up, it means that the uptrend is accelerating, if ROC begins to go flat, which means that the stock price is now rising with a few days ago, although still in an uptrend, but If the ROC begins to fall, although the stock price is still rising, but the upward force has declined; if the ROC begins to extend below 0, the recent downtrend has begun to show its head, ROC further down, the downward momentum is strengthening  ROC is a certain time interval showing the relative difference between the two ends of the stock price ROC rise, the stock price than a few days ago the stock price has risen ROC flattened, then the current stock price rise just the same as a few days ago ROC down, then the stock price has been smaller than the number of days up ROC is so show the current stock price trend of acceleration and deceleration state  for the downward trend and ROC decline, and the case of negative values, can be similarly described  (2) ROC change ahead of the change in the stock price  because ROC construction characteristics, ROC change is always ahead of the change in stock price, than the price a few days ahead of the rise or fall in stock price is still rising, ROC may have gone flat, while the stock price goes flat, ROC may have fallen this is also the basic basis for the idea of deviation  (3) ROC fold change has a certain range  ROC can be positive or negative, can be large or small, but ROC change is basically a range in other words, we can find a positive number and a negative number, so that most of the ROC curve falls within the range of these two numbers, that is, smaller than the positive number, than the negative number so that, as if to ROC plus the upper and lower boundaries of the same two boundaries for our future prediction of the stock price rise and fall in depth is very helpful we can use this We can use these two bounds to calculate the future rise and fall height by the inverse method 

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