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Profitable return on business EA can be used

cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club the intelligent trading system, that is, the software that can automatically place a trade has recently been very hot, especially in foreign countries is boiling various EA developers have provided trading records, each almost all are profitable, and annual profits of dozens of times of which there is no shortage of thousands of dollars a set of According to statistics, there are currently 30% of the worlds trading is done by computer automated trading in order to stay ahead of the game, cashback forex also joined In order to stay ahead of the game, I also joined it, did a long time of research and testing listed below some common research under http://www.easignal.com/6000EA ( forexrebateclub a real account or demo account) record:  Really scary, I once all deeply examined themselves, how they can not do it?   This is the purchase process charge is $12000, $300 per year management fee price is not expensive, this is also the highest backtest EA I have seen moved? More than $10,000 to buy the software, $2500, three years after opening an account is a billionaire? Or Dollar aside from the EAs selling price, such a good thing can be used? I downloaded their backtest trading records:   Look at this moving thousands of dollars of profitable transactions, you still want to manipulate the market yourself?  Well, lets analyze the first chart I marked with a red line is the maximum cashbackforexexness and relative loss of this EA maximum loss is: 24.1%, the relative loss is: 42.75% strange, is not no loss? We then look at the transaction record stop gain is 10 points, stop loss are more than 150 points and at the same time to place a single four entry units Relative loss is a floating loss relative to the current account balance loss absolute loss is relative to the current balance of the loss ratio that is to say that this backtest is the entry of the initial establishment of a relatively large profit after the net value of the funds of the maximum fall reached nearly 50% then the entry time What if it coincides with the time of loss? Funds book loss can reach about 50% if the capital is relatively large in the case of heavy positions to carry more than 150 points of loss, you can do not shake? Can you still believe that you will not blow your position?  Other results that have been tested are more or less the same profitable high success rate of EA often stop loss is very wide, or even no stop loss and the position is relatively heavy to do a lot of research I found that EA is difficult to identify trends some very famous EA such as FAPT, but also just to do the money back down relatively small, so the profitability of EA is not very strong In fact, EA is not something Bad things, she ultimately still have to implement the programmers set the program, only commercial EA in order to sell software, only the possibility of profit magnified, greatly exposed to the risk if the stability of small profits EA certainly not too good sales For small profits EA, I also did some testing, profitability is very limited no matter how can not reach the developers of the test results really is Delay  This is the worlds most famous FATP, more than 2 months the most return of capital to 4.72%, the current loss of about 4% is really a waste of time I think the only reason this EA can be so famous is that the risk is small It is also not difficult to understand the reason why 30% of the worlds trading volume is done automatically by the computer, right Large funds can only choose a similar EA After all, no loss or less loss is the purpose, but also to the bank to create a large number of transactions to generate a large amount of commission it such a famous EA, as a speculator you will choose?  Of course I am not blaming the EA, killing the gun or gunman we still must distinguish For many of us experienced traders, according to their own trading strategies to write a set of their own EA is not difficult I myself have developed several sets of profitability or less than manual  For example, one of my strategies: M5, MACD >0 price retracement to EMA55 For example, one of my strategies: M5, MACD > 0 price pullback to EMA55, when the opening of a position to do more than the opposite of the short stop gain of 8 points, stop loss of 30 points to create a good record, the success rate of nearly 95% of course, the vast majority of the time the profit is much more than 8 points, but the purpose of doing EA is to get rid of the boring process of staring and analysis, the use of high probability of events to profit well similar strategies are many, you can also try to contact a lot of EA programmers can write

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