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In 1602, the DutchEastIndia Company (DutchEastIndia), forex rebate club order to dominate the international trade of spice commodities in the Far East, needed a lot of cash to finance the merchant fleet, so the worlds first stock exchange was set up in Amsterdam Since then, the open-air Amsterdam Stock Exchange ( AmsterdamBourse) could begin to buy forexrebateclub sell shares and bonds of the East India Company merchants also quickly developed the worlds first derivative commodity contracts - options, allowing investors to bet on the future ups and downs of stocks other companies began to cashbackforexexnesssue shares on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange one after another, and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange moved into the indoor building Europe in 1611 Other capital groups also launched their own stock exchanges, and the global securities industry quietly emerged A bronze bull statue placed in front of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange in July 2012 Today, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is only a branch of the European Stock Exchange (Euronext), in addition to the Brussels Stock Exchange in Belgium, and the Paris Stock Exchange in France, are also part of the Under the European Stock Exchange Euronext was acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange Corporation (ICE) in 2012, which operates a total of 23 exchanges, including the U.S. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with $8.2 billion in the bag last year The importance of location Amsterdam Stock Exchange has a long history, especially monumental value, because at the time it created a modern In those days, the location of the stock exchange was quite important, and even today, the location of the stock exchange is still located in some of the worlds most major cities said Mark Yeandle, assistant director of Z/YenGroup, a British business advisory firm, Nowadays, as long as you have a laptop and a mobile phone, even if you are in the mountains. However, even if it is not necessary, people naturally want to gather to their customers, suppliers that is why Sunil Hirani, the executive CEO of trueEX, which conducts interest rate swaps (IRS), chose New York City as its base Hirani said that New York Quite in line with the needs of trueEX, whether buyers or sellers are here, the money is naturally here Global Financial Center Index the worlds premier stock exchange since 2007 every six months will have the results of the competition, the well-known market indicators created by Z/YenGroup - Global Financial Center Index ( GlobalFinancialCentresIndex, will be based on the reputation of the stock exchange, business environment, cashbackforexbroker sector development, infrastructure and human resources as the audit criteria, ranking comparison Global Financial Center Index in March 2014, the latest evaluation came out, the New York Stock Exchange for the first time to squeeze the London Stock Exchange, although in the 1,000-point rating only slightly ahead of the other 3 to 5 in order for Hong Kong, Singapore, and Zurich Stock Exchange LSE LSE ranking decline due to Z/YenGroup that the London Stock Exchange ranking decline, mainly by the British banks to manipulate the interbank lending rate (LIBOR) incident, the reputation of the substantial damage, coupled with the British The central bank was involved in the foreign exchange manipulation scandal, the situation is even worse In addition, the upcoming British elections, also involved in the countrys uncertainty in the face of the euro zone to stay   Scotland held a referendum on independence on September 18, is also one of the factors that may affect (editors note: the referendum results show that Scotland remains in the Kingdom of Great Britain), if the referendum results through the independence, Londons financial center status May instead be enhanced, large financial institutions such as the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), financial trust company ScottishWindows, is likely to therefore move their headquarters to London, simply because Scotlands post-independence economy is too small to face the financial crisis, the governments finances are not enough to become a strong backer Although New York and Londons financial sector employment since the Great Depression has Although New York and Londons financial sector employment has returned to moderate growth since the Great Recession, and most of the new financial categories are also subject to tough regulation by the regulators, but in the eyes of many financial professionals, New York and London over-regulation at the same time, but not necessarily reduce the occurrence of ills a London bank director has told Z/YenGroup, large banks spend tens of millions of dollars to comply with the regulators, but still do not feel protected U.S. Many of the recent aggressive regulatory actions of financial regulators have left some worried that the U.S. will gradually turn into a country that is not conducive to the development of the financial industry, said Dick Bove, vice president of stock market research at Rafferty CapitalMarkets, an investment advisory firm, vowing: "We are putting all the practices that can be envisioned, are put into action, destroying the current premier position of being a leading global financial business Financial centers in the ascending global rankings Increasingly important financial centers Mentions Casablanca (Morocco) 68 Busan 58 Singapore 47 Hong Kong 37 Shanghai 36 Dalian 30 Seoul 22 Dubai 20 Luxembourg 18 Data source: 2014 Global Financial Centers Index Western countries are regulated at a time when financial capital is gradually flowing to developing countries in Asia where economic growth is better According to global management consultancy McKinsey (McKinseyGlobalInstitute), about 32% of global gold flows converged on emerging countries in 2012, a significant increase from 5% in 2002 McKinsey also recently predicted McKinsey also recently predicted that the number of global consumer class (consumingclass) in 2025 will expand from 2.4 billion people in 2010 to 4.2 billion people, of which almost all of the new 1.8 billion people from emerging markets, it is estimated that from 2014 to 2025, the average annual consumption of 1.8 billion people will be as high as 30 trillion U.S. dollars The above situation for the emerging Asian financial centers, such as Shanghai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., seems to be quite good news However, New York, London in the foreseeable future will continue to dominate the financial market leadership On the one hand, the language of the international financial industry is still dominated by English, rather than Chinese On the other hand, New York, London is a very attractive international city, with good liquidity asset markets, as well as A large number of financial professionals gathered most importantly, New York and Londons legal system is perfect, the effectiveness of contract enforcement is mandatory consulting firm Oxford Financial Group (OxfordFinancialGroup) CEO RubenLee said: that is why there are so many Russian contracts signed in London, and why London, the New York will have a huge influx of money from Russia, the Middle East, China In addition, the modern financial center unrestrained, decentralized nature, but also make Shanghai and other emerging Asian countries, because they can not withstand the risk of such intense volatility, in the short term is still unlikely to have the opportunity to replace New York, London The next 25 years will be spread across the world many financial centers, in addition to New York, New York, London, Hong Kong and other large financial institutions like London, Hong Kong, such large capital of the financial markets, is also expected to appear small financial centers to different industrial categories gathered, such as the southern Canadian western Ebda province Calgary (Calgary) because of the energy industry; South Korea Busan to the main marine industry; Kenyas Nairobi, the Republic of South Africas Johannesburg is the main capital market in Africa 2039 Where will the global financial center move to in 2039? The market will decide for itself 

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