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My personal forex trading growth story! Just to tell everyone to take the road less traveled!

two years ago, cashback forex that time forex rebate club still read high school, just adults like we know, I studied abroad I am a person who has cashbackforexexness touched the money since childhood, the family control forexrebateclub relatively strict, in fact, because of the parents habits problem mom cashbackforexbroker dad are working out on their own, so the money is particularly frugal, for example, last summer, in the domestic friends looking to go out to play, as a result, because I have no private money, before leaving the door to find mom to I think its a bit of a waste to save money in the bank, so Ill give it to the bank to earn money, but Im not willing to do that, so Ill slowly start learning about stocks and forex trading on the internet. It is because from childhood to childhood never at once can control a small amount of money, so I entered the foreign exchange is also a bit impulsive simulation account, I just used to learn how to use the platform I will do more than short, will hang single, will calculate the leverage after the decisive deposit I still remember that at that time is on the Internet casually find a small company MT4 platform, at that time looked at is 50 U.S. dollars to do foreign exchange advertising on I think the first money can not get back anyway, regardless of whether the platform is formal or not, anyway, on the 50 U.S. dollars at that time, the IB, often give me shout orders, I also began to feel for the first time that the game of foreign exchange at the expense of money is so much fun watching the fluctuations of their accounts, the mood is always exciting first account, because the market and the market did not understand, 1 week, in the IB shout orders on the loss to Only a few U.S. dollars later not long after, and one after another into the account three times 50 U.S. dollars, the results are the same, slowly lost money one time a ruthless heart, once into the 150 U.S. dollars, when the first 0.1 hands to do Europe and the United States, I remember very clearly, when an instant profit of more than 10 U.S. dollars, the exciting mood, now are unforgettable is also this, there is a heavy experience, experience the heavy position I think, since I have no ability, why not find a trader, take the funds to the professionals who specialize in playing this, and much more experience than me to do, that is not much better So, I took out most of my living expenses, took to a trader at the time, a year before 2 months I once again fell deeply in love with the game of money in Forex, but then, with the loss of the trader, my mood also completely began to go to a low point during that time, open your eyes every day, thinking about the cruelty of Forex think Im about to leave this market and the traders contract has not yet expired, I tried to start slowly to learn by themselves again The rules of this market, at that time coincided with the U.S. QE, gold all the way to the unilateral rise, into the 500 U.S. dollars, at that time because Jerry has been to me stressed, and then the good market are first 0.01 slowly do, then do almost a month, 500 of the starting capital almost also 550 felt at that time, looking at their own hands to do up the account, like their own children, although the numbers are not much, but the sense of achievement is always there. But the sense of accomplishment is always there, and not a small With the unilateral of gold more and more obvious and more and more crazy, my order is also more and more crazy remember one Friday, I went to my sisters place to put luggage, when I did not bring the computer, went to her, directly on the mobile version of MT4, K line chart are not open, directly look at the price to buy more gold, an afternoon, 2 hours, the account from 700 directly to 1000 later Friday to The closing, but the heart of the closing completely but not yet come, so 1000 of the position, I went in 0.2 hands over the weekend (11:00 p.m. UK time on Sunday night opened) Sunday because it was a birthday, the family came to a lot of friends, when the wine was drinking that a bad, when I was still sober, I looked at the opening, when the net value of the 1000 account has reached 1400, because of greed, because of greed, did not out, then drink, so drunk later my friends told me that I bed sheets they have helped me to change, but I do not know haha Monday afternoon, the class did not become, one up to open the computer, the account of the single no, and then look at the account balance, there are still more than 100, then a black eye, the first time to experience, their positions burst off the kind of helplessness and depression unwilling, the afternoon went to the bank and into the money into the same Gold unilateral, the same first earn after loss, (because gold unilateral, I cant tell when is the big pullback, the big pullback I all hitched in) so that my last big money operation also so drowned now look back, from the beginning of my contact with foreign exchange to now, the loss of money into the indeed quite a lot, but to see now, I now progress and the growth of technical mentality, but also really have improved, just At the beginning if the beginning to maintain a certain discipline and stability of mind, the loss should be much less 3 months ago, my last foreign exchange deposit, this time I am no matter how much loss, no more deposits, only out of not into now, the account can be considered not to lose or earn, but obviously feel that they have a certain confidence and grasp of the market and technology to think open, I only do foreign exchange 2 years, and the 2 years I am usually still in school, the Still studying, not professional, not Full-time haha, and so I reached the age of 40 or 50, and so my friends into the oldest old mother began to look at foreign exchange to look at gold to look at the time of the stock, but I already have decades of technology and experience, then my advantage will be clearly reflected at the same time also want to tell those and my situation is similar to the newcomers, whether you are students, or beginning to work, or have a successful career uncles and uncles and uncles. Or has a successful career uncles and uncles, aunts: 1) foreign exchange, or their own operation is good, will not operate on a small capital slowly do, not to make money as the main purpose, it is best not to find a trader, so that, if the loss, you understand how the loss, and your own money, you personally lost out, you have no regrets if you earn, the sense of achievement is also their own so think about it, their hard-earned money, or their own play (2) first to the foreign exchange market, you may feel that what others say about the discipline of foreign exchange trading, or what other peoples burst ah, heavy ah what experience, and you are not much related, at this time, you should be alert to these things, others are not fed up with writing out to scare you said those discipline and rules and technology, there is a change, there is no harm in a hundred miles 3) for the choice of platform, do not be too entangled I Remember who said a sentence in the group before: the good platform in front of you do not use, have to go to entangle a bunch of do not know what the name and the origin of the platform, this is why the pain 4) wish you all good luck, in the world of foreign exchange are when the winner Finally, with the longest group said a sentence: pro, do not take a detour!

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