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My forex trading history of blood and tears (with the self-use trading system)

first acquaintance with trading before: 06 years cashback forex will be due to a variety of learning achievements do cashbackforexbroker see, the last surpr forexrebateclubingly even a third-rate university did not go into the college entrance examination after more than a year of professional training, from then on a road of no return - programmer! After graduation to Nanjing cashbackforexexness found a not so decent job, in laymans terms, is the forex rebate clubT civilian labor, but always afford the tens of thousands of tuition fees follow-up for more than a year, it is that way, I have ideals, aspirations, people full of vision for the future, which can be so after a lifetime, usually popped up inside the head of such ideas calf, disaster will soon come to the beginning of society, a bird civilian labor can do? The old saying is good: "across the line like a mountain," then develop their own software! I said we have to do, talk about empty words which can work, we are a practical person, then resigned to do the research and development work, you have to say that this is a crazy bar, but then there is a follow crazy people said before this is my first disaster, the last even a hair did not study out, until you find the next job, the body has owed 8,000RMB, in the dry before I then had more than 40,000RMB deposit The first time I thought about this experience was really ridiculous and crazy, I thought I wouldnt do this business anymore. "The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what youre getting into. I was curious to ask a variety of questions, and finally understood, he did is foreign exchange and gold, and under the two single earned a few hundred dollars, and thats when into the second road of no return the beautiful dream began to dash: after knowing forex trading, also with others, get a simulated transaction, only remember that the first single was done in Europe and the United States single, and lost more than 100, first of all, I said it, I am still flexible, and learn things very quickly. And learn things very quickly, perception is also considered very high kind, this kind of people generally have the spirit of defiance, and like to play smart people are saying, do simulation to earn money easily, but I was doing simulation is basically a loss, and soon lost, and others completely opposite a week burst a position, burst a lot, after all, is a simulation does not matter at the time in thinking, I do not know anything like this to place a single, close a position ...... If its really that simple, its too simple! The first thing I want to do is to find some information to learn to learn, no information is not simple, to find a large number of information, can not afford to look at the Internet is not interesting, I think I know from the beginning to now, a total of more than thirty books bought it! The first book I still remember is a big red written "Forex Trading Guide" author is a Pierre-Anthony Dussolier book, but what I learned from this book, what content I now have no memory of it has been learning through books to the end of the year, of course, the simulation position also constantly burst the following year finally could not resist, opened a $ 500 account officially step into the transaction, said also strange, the simulation can not earn, the real position to earn. The real position to earn, and 500 more than a week to 980, encountered the real position of the first non-farm night, at that time do not understand the double-holiday pending single transaction at that time the state is particularly like the bottom touch the top, non-farm data a release, gold began to soar, at that time should have risen 15 points, a 0.15 hand short single down, not much a while, gold began to fall, probably fell 10 points like, earned 150, at that time I on the reduction of 0.05 hand, but also take 0.1, when the price went sideways until late at night, and was not in the mood to continue to stay up to see, anxiously looking forward to the weekend Monday early up to see, low open low, and soon fell 10 points, but also a total of from 500 to 1200 think they are this line of genius, began to calculate, 100,000, million and how long, no matter who, whenever there is this idea is not far from bursting the position With this idea to start, trading more and more frequent, and at that time only 4 months of contact with me, in fact, I still know nothing about trading, what the average, Bollinger bands, K-line patterns are still do not understand, do right is completely good luck next week or so, 1200 to 800 and then to 120 finally to 0, how beautiful a dream so broken obsession phase: 2011 May 1 after, officially step into the obsession, the At that time, I felt inexplicably lost in this way, I must have learned too little about myself and then asked Dounian, what books are more classic, bought the second book "Japanese candlestick chart" and later bought a lot of books one after another, and most of them are garbage, shallow read through the "Japanese candlestick chart", feel that this is good, technology we have learned, it makes no sense not to make money ah deposit 800 knife to fight again, the worse began I joined the Bollinger band in my system, Fiboracci golden ratio retracement line, but also to see a variety of K-line pattern, then just from the book to learn some technical analysis, not according to technical analysis practice, the first single, is the euro, but the decline is strong, I read the book said, the lower Bollinger band support, when buying near the lower rail once, then very light position under the 0.02 did not set a stop loss, soon fell below the Bollinger band lower rail, down a few Bollinger band lower rail, down a few dozen points after I added 0.05, and do not find why I did not set a loss at that time, the first day, the second day, the set of more than 150 points, the third day, the fourth day, since the luck is very good, let me keep the capital ran away, and after a few days, or the euro, Bollinger band closure, the book said Bollinger band closure breakthrough will have a big market, I saw the euro wanted to break through the Bollinger band, I placed a short order By the afternoon, after the breakthrough since it returned to the closing position, to the evening, the reverse upward breakthrough, and a go, about 2 days, up almost 200 points, put me a half dead, the end of this time I only about 580 knives, according to the loss of more than 200 knives to calculate, should be under the 0.1 next also forget the technical analysis, back to the stage of frequent orders, the final result, the loss of Almost only 200 knives although another loss, but still did not find the root cause of the loss, has been that their technology is not in place, the next also slowly buy books to learn, and then buy books in learning, after three months of learning and then simulation stage, and then met B (male), is a QQ a group of acquaintance, the technology began to learn more comprehensive, is at this time began, B (male) seriously teach me 100% Retracement line use, Bollinger bands how to use, trend lines, averages and so comprehensive understanding, and also screenshots guidance, I was very grateful, at that time I knew him, through the conversation, know that he is a university graduate directly full-time to do foreign exchange gold, and also said more than 1000 U.S. dollars a month income, although at that time I work income has been more than 1000 U.S. dollars, but still quite envious ah, this is not my The ultimate goal? The ultimate goal of many people: freedom of work, financial freedom, but then no contact, when he said he what people are sick, he took out the money to borrow a relative to cure the disease to go, temporarily do not do transactions to find a job, I was convinced, now I am very doubtful (in the end is not mixed or how?) From that moment on, I am more convinced that I can do a good job, just not enough to learn things, through the guidance of B man, I think I technical analysis in place, and can earn money obsession stage two: early September, previously not account inside 200? I again replenished 800, raised 1000, then also learned the two-way non-farm payroll, immediately non-farm, two-way payroll 0.1, the results are good profit 150, and then thought, if only to do non-farm is not very good, I held back, the middle did not place a single, but I think is, non-farm if only 10,000 non-farm capital is too small, but also no fun, and then again into the gold 3000 U.S. dollars, a non-farm under the 0.4 The first thing that I did was to make a profit. Then a month can not idle, and constantly single, and also heavy position, two weeks or so, remember that 4000 knives soared to 9600 knives, and then after the specific how to do, now I can not remember, anyway, is a heavy position, remember the heaviest position to 2.8 hands, and finally left 1800, think so on not, out of the gold 1500 knives, account left 300 knives in November, know the forum, after a year or so I know the forum After a year or so I only know that there is such a thing as a forum, is it hindsight? At that time, I was not in the mood to work all day to browse the forum, through the forum to learn a lot of knowledge, but also to learn too much technology, one by one to join their own system, again by reading books to learn to read books to learn, simulation in simulation, at that time read two better books "Memoirs of a stock trader", "to trade for a living", about two months also learned to stop loss, know the importance of stop loss 2012, during the qq group to know C (female), at that time he did in Hong Kong platform three A financial inside, and she was in their platform VIP group, there are special analysts guidance, also recommended me to go to their experience qq group to learn to open an account again, deposit 1400, their company platform minimum can only trade 0.1 lots, then the idea, deposit just to steal the teacher, did not intend to do transactions where, because the foreign exchange gold spread are 5 points, but also charge 5 points of commission, the next 0.1 single is pitted 10 knife, very unhappy, with these ideas, I again and again the original account inside the deposit of 500 knife steal teacher began, 800 knife and then fight, VIP group is really different, every morning to give us good advice, what position to place a single, what position take profit, stop loss so do about six months, the company opened an account in their Account trading a single or two or so, 1400 into 1480, the original account, earned more than 100 knives, was thinking, they provide advice is really general, the money back and forth to earn nothing, but also not much loss, the worst result: nothing to steal, too barred and began to browse the forum, join the discussion group of others to learn the art of obsession stage three: the first turn began, but also is the biggest disaster, once again through the qq group to know A woman, through a period of chat, found that she is similar, with the end of the world, so chatting particularly speculative, she added a lot of groups, even she herself can not count, not much to say, through her direct acquaintance with a B master, B have their own trading style, and is heavy, manual loss type, understand that he is, 07 years contact gold, and only do Gold single species, not much loss in front (should be more than 1 million), but he got the way since, more than a year back to the capital, but also earned more than the initial loss of the part of the more to say his characteristics, forex academy www.waihuibang.com  if gold is back and forth oscillation, he will not make money this time, and will set a very long time, if you do the opposite, the rebound more If youre not sure what youre looking for, youll find that youve got a lot of money to spend. I think the perception is good, but also spent a lot of effort to learn this business can copy another persons success? I also do not know the answer, maybe someone copy success, I copy the master, let me again many times a big loss, according to his shouting single, I also placed a single, many times have earned money, and earned 10 to 10 points on the run, because it is a heavy position and no stop loss, a total of 2400 funds, generally under the gold single, 0.5 to 1 hand ranging, in fact, earn 10 to 10 points, two single do it right doubled, just started to do Very good, 2400 more than a month on more than 6000 but I remember the best results when, from the return of capital only 280 knife, that is a happy, but happy too early, when the market is relatively smooth, heavy positions without stop loss has been the style of that master, I also learn his heavy positions without setting a loss, but manually I use the thin, gold several big shocks, broken empty, broken more, the results are The floor and the sky, a few consecutive single down, the capital is only more than 2,000, again thinking about the master of the single, combined with their own style toss a system of their own, that is, light position homeopathic not stop-loss, this is the first time this idea obsession stage four: homeopathic light position not stop-loss anyone ever done? I think there must be a lot of people have done so, not to say that this is okay, anyway, I did so, and finally failed miserably, so do the success rate is very high most of the single finally at least to preserve the capital, once the United States and Japan encountered a large pullback more than 400 points, I was set with more than 400 points, such examples happened to me several times, but also encountered a reversal of more than 600 points, light position is light position, homeopathic is also homeopathic, I was looking at the I was looking at the big trend, but did not pay attention to the short-term and short term trends, resulting in multiple sets, discouraged to say that the original entered the VIP customer service group, the group members 60 several, every day in addition to blind or blind, did not see a few earn money, but one day, the teachers in the group are saying bearish gold, the big market is coming, I was sent I know the master of the single, 8 hands of gold, and the master has been profitable The first day, after a few days, gold after a few days of big pullback, the group teacher shouted more, and I sent which expert before doing 2 hands of empty, then remember to profit more than 10 points, resulting in the group of people and dare not more, some people privately also bold open empty, the next day I came online, found that I was kicked out of the VIP qq group The next day, I found that I was kicked out of the VIP qq group, and the group teacher administrator left me a message, probably meaning that I caused a lot of people in the group loss, and a burst position, the group management began to blame me, saying that it was my responsibility to kick me out of the group, and then say the final result, the group is to do the day short, 5 to 10 points stop loss, 5 to 10 points of profit, probably so, and that night and the second half of the night, gold rose about 18 points, resulting in They did not more single, and many people under the short single, one did not set a stop loss also heavy position burst, but I know that master just set 5 points, the last which master take single about 20 days, earned more than 30 points I was doing a summary, the reason why the master is a master, before the market does not become bad, he will not easily stop loss, do the right case, only with four words to describe "Ten take nine stable" and then back to the light position with the trend, I know this concept, why can not earn money? After several months of thinking, I know many people know that light position homeopathic, light position easy to do, strict implementation on the line, but homeopathic how to do it? I was not a homeopath for a few months? Later I thought of, to analyze the short-term trend medium-term trend long-term trend, to determine the weak rebound, strong rebound and reversal of the relationship between how to do a good light position, I also came up with the prototype of their own system after detailed reflection of their own system first version (special note, these methods are all my own, not necessarily in line with others, or you have comments can be pointed out, but do not bring personal attacks): at that time, after thinking about The system should be the core of their own money management, money management to allocate the four elements of the system (position, stop loss, position, profit taking) before the establishment of the system to think: 1, I take 4H as the cycle, if you want to filter out most of the oscillations, set how much stop loss appropriate? Combined with their own single this 2 years, I came up with foreign exchange more than 50 points, up to 100 points 2, if you give the funds to other traders to operate you can allow him to lose up to how much money? I quickly knew the psychological answer at the time: 30% If each position to establish 10% to the highest stop loss of 100 points, the loss of three consecutive times on the loss of 30%, playing mahjong or landlord know, 3 consecutive self-touch or do when three consecutive landlord, although not a lot but the probability of occurrence is not too low, so the position to establish 10% obviously not, I was 10% before. I think it is a light position, but now the calculation is not, later defined as 4% of the position, can withstand 7 consecutive stop loss not more than 30% loss 3, how to judge (short, medium and long) trend? Later directly derived, the 50-day SMA as a trend judgment and tracking, combined with my own single, within 1 hour above the 50-day SMA, indicating that the short-term uptrend intact, 4H above the 50-day SMA, indicating that the medium-term trend intact, 1 day, indicating that the long-term trend intact (here is only a judgment and trend tracking, and not above the 50-day SMA can not do short meaning, if it is above the 50-day SMA, the According to their own judgment that a good short order, after a period of time, the price fell below the 50-day SMA, continue downward, here to play a tracking around) system second version: later after the baptism of time to get optimized, before the system is too complex, resulting in their own system of core rules: four rules: 1, the cumulative loss shall not exceed 20% of the total funds, the cumulative loss of more than 20% leave the market for six months 2, a single loss shall not exceed 4% of the total funds, any time a single more than 4% loss directly cut positions 3, the proportion of positions shall not exceed 8%, the maximum position shall not exceed 8% 4, position loss situation shall not be added to the position for any reason 5, position held correctly after 6% position as an example, in a position to reduce 2% position, hold 4%, there is an opportunity to increase the position for the first time to increase the position by 4%, the second time there is an opportunity to increase the position by 2%, a wave of the market, up to 2 times to increase positions in the middle of two details, is to allow themselves, while under more than one single is not affected 1, the total funds 20% loss, not only the amount of deposit, is the current amount, regardless of how much profit, if each loss is 4%, at any time not allowed to lose 5 times in a row, the loss of 5 times that the loss of 20%, have to be punished 2, if the U.S. and Japan under the short single, stop loss of 100 points If you have 10,000 U.S. dollars, stop loss is 9600 U.S. dollars, if the current single is still held in no stop loss, did not reach the capital preservation stop position if the next single opportunity, when the U.S. and Japanese single has been lost, directly to 9600 U.S. dollars for the total funds to start counting

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