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development h cashback forextory S forexrebateclubce the 1970s, the Tokyo cashbackforexexness forex rebate club cashbackforexbroker has a large development, the business is more diversified, involving a substantial increase in the scope of As Japan is an export trade accounts for a large proportion of the economy of the country 9, the trade share of GDP is relatively large, and exchange rate fluctuations through the impact of trade and thus GDP If the yen depreciates, Japanese exports will increase The Japanese government had to intervene in the market to avoid abnormal exchange rate fluctuations after 80 years, the Japanese authorities let the yen internationalize and leave the regional constraints of the Tokyo foreign exchange market to adapt to Japans strong position in the world economy Japan formulated a new amendment bill in the early post-war period with the aim of changing the previously established foreign exchange rate, gradually relaxing foreign exchange controls and moving toward marketization. The yen to internationalization Therefore, after the Tokyo foreign exchange market has been rapid development, almost close to the size of the New York foreign exchange market market characteristics Tokyo foreign exchange market opening time is eight oclock in the morning Beijing time, do not distinguish between Eastern Standard Time daylight saving time Tokyo foreign exchange market trading varieties are not as wide as New York, London market, but the yen-based international major currency Trading market, mainly the U.S. dollar, the euro, the British pound and other currencies against the yen in general trading, the yen to a variety of currencies in the market is relatively calm, but in the Japanese economy fluctuations, the yen will also fluctuate violently, because the Japanese economy is characterized by major capital are abroad, the occurrence of earthquakes and other circumstances capital will flow back to the domestic, the yen appreciation Japanese characteristics financial markets have been is a market dominated by men, especially the trading market which does not meet Japan, although Japan is a male-dominated society, but Japanese housewives are the main force of the trading market, especially in the foreign exchange market, they have a larger amount of money, has replaced the traditional male trader, they are the main force of the foreign exchange market, foreign exchange margin trading has become the life of Japanese housewives A part of even a media analysis, the Japanese retail investors, housewives occupy a high proportion of this feature of Japan on the global foreign exchange market to produce immeasurable significant impact regulatory situation Japan Financial Services Agency FSA is different from the UK Financial Conduct Authority FCA, in Japan, the main body of the regulation of foreign exchange margin business is the Japan Financial Services Agency, and other financial industries in Japan such as banks, the Securities and insurance industries are also regulated by the Japanese Financial Services Agency This is different from China, Chinas implementation of sectoral management, there is a special Banking Regulatory Commission for the banking industry to carry out comprehensive supervision, the Securities Regulatory Commission for the securities industry to carry out comprehensive supervision, Japan is the implementation of mixed supervision, Japan Financial Services Agency to regulate all financial industries

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