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Japanese candlestick structure

Compared to conventional charts, the Japanese c forex rebate clublestick structure has a huge advantage. While conventional charts are just a vertical line, candlestick charts have a rectangular "solid", thus making the candlestick shape appear larger. Candlestick charts focus on the open and close cashbackforexbrokers, rather than the high and low prices cashbackforexexness ordinary charts focus on Candlestick charts cons forexrebateclubt of a rectangle called a solid The high and low prices are represented by vertical lines drawn at the top and bottom of the solid These lines are called cashback forexs, although sometimes they are also called wicks (as in candle wick) and tails, among other names The top of the solid is the open or If the entity is white, the closing price is higher than the opening price. Black candles mean that the closing price is lower than the opening price if you see a series of white candles, which means that the closing price is consistently higher than the opening price; conversely, a series of black candles means that the market sentiment is consistently negative. Some authors refer to white candles as "hollow" and black candles as "solid" as shown in the following two charts, except that the opening and closing prices are reversed. Black candles are very similar to white candles in every way except that the opening and closing prices are reversed: Black (bearish) candle chart 1 opening price;  2 closing price;  3 upper shadow;  4 solid;  5 lower shadow White (bullish) candle chart 1 closing price;  2 opening price;  3 upper shadow;  4 solid;  5 lower shadow  5 lower shadow size issue the larger the entity, the greater the buying or selling pressure. Shorter candlesticks mean less activity in all directions smaller entities mean traders lack confidence in the direction of the market doji candlesticks have the same or almost the same opening and closing price, representing the uncertainty of the market shadow length also has an impact the upper shadow represents the highest price of the session and the lower shadow represents the lowest price of the session A short candlestick indicates that trading activity is concentrated between the opening and closing prices. A missing upper shadow indicates that the price closed at the highest price, the bulls are strong and perhaps the next candlestick is bullish. Similarly, a candlestick with a long lower shadow indicates that the short side failed to make a new low, but did not close there. First, we see a black candlestick with a long upper shadow and a close well below the previous candlestick. This is a definite indication that although the bulls had the upper hand for more than two weeks, making new highs and closing at higher levels, the bulls had lost ground. The candlestick is still black and the close is below the open, but the trend is about to stop. If you are playing the role of a seller in this wave, then you may want to exit at this point. Note that two periods later we see a white candlestick; its highest price is a new high and it closes at a higher price Both a long upper shadow and a long lower shadow signal the end of the trend

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