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Introduction to foreign exchange investment how to do a good job of money management

Most of the precious metals investors encounter trading losses, summing up its causes will always be attributed to a bad mentality, operating strategies on the stop loss, stop-win, the formulation of the wrong, strict implementation of ineffective, etc., in fact, are not all worth noting forex rebate club that precious metals investors profit cashbackforexbroker loss is the most critical is how to better use the money cashbackforexexness precious metals investment is actually a system engineering investment success In addition to the accuracy of the cashback forex analysis, capital management, risk management, experience, trading skills and luck are all very important factors, especially in the international precious metals market, the trading mechanism is leveraged (i.e. margin trading), investors can trade 50 times or even 100 times their principal amount, which determines that margin trading is a high-risk, high-yield investment if Without perfect capital and risk management, the failure of a single transaction, it is possible for investors to give up or lose everything. Another understanding of the so-called "system engineering" is that investors invest in the precious metals market, the profit and loss of a single transaction does not mean anything, the investor should pursue a stable and sustainable profit, because even if the initial transaction has gained The precious metals market is not a casino, the investor is not a gambler, the investment made can not be equated with gambling the failure of such people is precisely because they do not know these, but also did not learn to survive in this market experience and skills according to the authors experience and understanding of some successful peers, investors who want to get long-term stable profits in the precious metals market, the market Analysis of the right or wrong can only account for up to 30% of the success factors, capital and risk management definitely accounted for more than 50% of the capital management that is how to allocate funds in the investment, the maximum use of funds to obtain the maximum possible profit; and risk management, is to consider the degree of risk of the transaction, the investors ability to bear, in order to minimize the risk of investment risk management is the most important element is how to stop loss. The next is how to stop winning As people usually understand, "revenue and risk are twins", money management and risk management also need to be cleverly combined to maximize returns and minimize the balance of risk Next, the author combined with graphics first introduced several common forexrebateclubs of money management and use, various methods have their own strengths and weaknesses, the key or In the investor how flexible the use of capital management methods vary from city to city: the first method of capital use is commonly referred to as the pyramid mark-up method assuming that the investor principal has 100,000 U.S. dollars, the investor at a certain point, such as gold (1164.90,-0.90,-0.08%) 1400, buy 30,000 U.S. dollars; to be gold to a certain point, such as gold 1500, the investor believes that gold Will continue to rise, but there has been a period of rise, the back of the upward space may be more limited, and thus again buy when the amount of funds reduced to $ 20,000; to gold 1550, the investor still think will continue to rise, then add to buy, and because now the rise than the first increase in the position is greater, the upward space may be smaller, so put less money than the first increase in the position, such as $ 10,000 The second method is called the inverted pyramid method, with the above understanding of the pyramid method, our understanding of the inverted pyramid method is much simpler also with the above example, the inverted pyramid method is to buy $10,000, and then buy 20,000, and then buy 30,000, each time to add more and more money, thus called the inverted pyramid method This method is different from the pyramid method is that the investor Judgment on the market at the point of 10,000 U.S. dollars of gold, the investor is not yet very sure of the gold trend, so small capital intervention; to 20,000 to buy the point of the trend of the market more certain, then increase the amount of money invested; and to 30,000 to buy the point, the investor determined that the trend will continue, more sure, put more money investors to the degree of certainty of the market to determine the size of the funds invested, certainty The greater, the more money invested in this can be seen, this method is more aggressive relative to the pyramid plus code method, the investors degree of certainty of the market as the criterion, relatively subjective judgment of the composition of more, the possible profit space, of course, may suffer losses are also large

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