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I was losing real painful experience from $ 30000 to $ 2000!

Have you already joined so cashbackforexbroker Q groups cashbackforexexness speculate in foreign exchange? You have been impressed by t cashback forexir promises of high returns? You are already planning to open an account? forex rebate clubf the answer is yes, then I solemnly tell you that you have been slowly falling into a series of traps really strong people, will forexrebateclub rely on such means to make money I was cheated once, write it out to everyone to see, I hope you do not like me so badly cheated to put down greed, turn back is the shore! I was very hesitant to apply for an agent to do foreign exchange with him, because I knew nothing about foreign exchange, and then he came to me for dinner. I said that the money in the bank is depreciating, more financial management, said that speculation in foreign exchange returns are very high, a few times a year is very simple, he helped me to operate, the loss of the full compensation to me based on the trust of friends and the previous impression of him, I believed him the next day I pressed his request to 30,000 U.S. dollars (20W, then ready to use to buy a house money, now I regret it, should not be so impulsive so trust him) remittances to foreign The day he went with me on an account, when I was leaving I asked him several times whether it was reliable, he told me to rest assured that everything has me, the attitude is very sincere, I also completely believe him at the time for this I also quarreled with my girlfriend, she said I was so gullible trust a person is very dangerous, but I firmly believe that I will not be wrong people proved me wrong I told Yang the account number and password, he logged into the foreign exchange platform to operate the first few days began to The first is hundreds of hundreds of losses, and then occasionally profit a few times, but a month down has lost more than 5,000 U.S. dollars during I communicated with Yang many times to ask him what is going on, he said this is the normal situation can earn back, in fact, I already want to give up, but Yang every time and I promise that wait must believe him, sure to earn back every time also gave me a deadline, if 2 months to earn not Ill return to the loss of all the money back to me, such words from the beginning to the end said no less than a hundred times, each time is delayed again and again after six months I opened the account to see, stunned: a loss of $ 20,000! This has reached my limit, I firmly requested not to do, he promised that the end of the month will be able to earn me back, if not, the full amount of money to pay me, I decided to trust him again, and agreed to the end of the month as the deadline However, two weeks later I logged into the account found that the password can not be logged in Yang explained that his colleague changed the password and locked the password to the drawer, colleagues back home two days later, I think it is very strange, the password I thought it was very strange, the passwords are not remembered by themselves, why lock them in the drawer? After a few days I asked him he said he had not returned, I began to suspect, to the foreign exchange company to apply for mandatory password changes, logged into the account to see the dumbfounded: only 7,000 U.S. dollars left! I was anxious and asked him what was going on, he excused himself, saying that it was due to a colleagues operational error Now I look back on that time he was lying, those were all made up stories! I realized the seriousness of the matter, strongly requested him to make a note, he also asked me to write a note to prove the existence of a speculative foreign exchange relationship at the end of the agreed period arrived, he still did not bear the loss of meaning, just keep saying give him a little more time I despaired. After several conversations to no avail, I took Yang to court, and after a long ordeal and waiting, finally came the verdict, the court ruled in my favor, Yang needs to compensate me for all the losses I finally got a touch of comfort, but to my great disappointment, Yang has since then "evaporated" from the earth, phone shutdown, and moved from the original residence I was told by the company I was working for at the time, that Yang had been taking commissions through me, and the more I traded, the more commissions he took. The so-called friend really makes me feel cold, inciting me to do unreliable investment, not to mention, also behind my back through the internal people to get kickbacks this thing hit me a lot, friends in front of money how can become so pale? Yang XX, maybe you are still free now, but if you have the opportunity to read this article, please ask yourself: you really used to be my friend? Do you ever feel guilty inside? Or are you Henan people themselves like this? On the surface to take you as a friend, but behind the scenes often do these things pit friends? I believe that God has eyes, you will not have a good report now you are still taking speculation foreign exchange to get rich under the guise of cheating customers other people to open accounts, these people of course also include your friends I call on everyone to be careful, do not be deceived by him, but also hope that everyone to my failed experience as a warning Author: wuyouderen

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