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The whole process of speculative cashbackf forexrebateclubexexness in the Forex market you should first underst forex rebate club that in order to trade effectively in the Forex market, a trader should have relevant knowledge of Forex, and on the basis of his knowledge he should create the so-called trading system trading system - a compilation of trading rules, according to which the trader According to these rules, the trader analyzes and predicts the market, and recognizes what currency to buy or sell with what size trading unit. And then it will be sold to buy in our here is called to establish a position, sell for the closing position cashbackforexbrokers are as follows: (a) counter transactions: customers can go to the bank counter for transactions specific process is as follows: 1, the customer at the counter to receive personal foreign exchange trading application or power of attorney, according to the requirements of the table is filled out (generally fill in the type of foreign currency, the amount of the purchase and sale, the approved price and sign), together with my ID card, bankbook or cash 2, the operator audit is correct, (such as a deposit slip will do full withdrawal or partial withdrawal operation, and print the transaction water sheet) will be foreign exchange trading confirmation or confirmation, handed to the customer to confirm the transaction exchange rate that the confirmation of the exchange rate shall prevail 3, the customer signed after confirmation, that is, the transaction after the transaction shall not be revoked 4, by the reviewer review is correct, the operator will confirm the letter, ID card and (B) cashback forex transactions: customers through the audio phone or cell phone to complete the purchase and sale transactions without going to the bank counter 1, the customer must first hold an ID card to the bank to open a personal foreign exchange trading telephone transaction special passbook, reserved password 2, before the telephone transaction, the customer first receive the telephone commission trading procedures and operating instructions, will fill out the telephone transaction application (or commission letter) and ID card, foreign currency passbook to the counter, set a special password for telephone transactions (the password can be different from the password of the passbook) 3, in accordance with the transaction procedures of the banks to carry out transactions 4, after the completion of the telephone transaction customers can check the confirmation by phone or fax, the transaction can not be revoked after the transaction

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