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How to quickly grow into a successful trader

First, you must do a thorough introspection and self-awareness of yourself If you dont know yourself, how do you know what kind of trader you want to be? Most people think they know themselves very well, but in fact know nothing about themselves inside forex rebate club often the last place cashbackforexbroker is difficult to overcome When a set of reasonable and effective cashbackforexexness strategies in front of people, people forexrebateclub have a rebellious mentality, because peoples focus is always focused on the shortcomings of the trading strategy, cashback forex lead people to the right direction is really difficult Second, say goodbye to perfectionism and complication Many traders have perfectionism Complication complex always feel that the current way of trading is not good enough, always feel that there is still room for improvement, always feel that adding or removing something will make profits better This means that you will always have to struggle with new ideas The result is that you will never be able to understand the true meaning of trading, can not do a good job of trading wholeheartedly always feel that there are other places to test or improve, always on the run Third, design a set of trading strategies suitable for their own trading strategies must be in line with your ideas and goals, and match your personality and behavior style think back to the latest trading losses loss loss is the reason why? If your answer is an objective reason (the market, other peoples advice, etc.), it means that you are not willing to take full responsibility for this you will still make mistakes again and again, until you realize that the internal causes determine the external causes, the root cause of losses in their own body so that they will be fully responsible for the results of the transaction, will be aware of their mistakes, will be timely to correct errors, make up for deficiencies in the market is the best teacher the same, we ourselves is the decision The most important factor in determining whether a trade is profitable or not is that the profit curve starts to smile (?-?-?)

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