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How to plunge the bottom of the judgment method

  The most important way to cashbackforexexnessvest in the cashbackforexbroker forex rebate club market is: try to cashback forex a relatively low price to buy, and then choose a relatively high price to throw any attempt to buy at the lowest point or sell to the highest point of investment behavior, is an irrational greed performance, the result is bound to face the fate of premature buying or stepping short Therefore, when the general market and the foreign exchange rate into the bottom area, investors Should take the initiative to buy the attitude of the set, actively choose foreign exchange, grasp the right time to buy in the bottom area of the selection of foreign exchange skills are mainly the following: 1, choose the price has been far below its historical transaction dense area and the recent hedging disk transaction dense area of foreign exchange 2, choose to experience a period of deep downward adjustment, the price is far from the 30-day average, deviation from the large deviation of foreign exchange 3, in the actual operation process In the actual operation process to pay attention to reference moving cost distribution, when the moving cost distribution in the profit taking disk less than 3, to the foreign exchange as a key concern 4, up when the potential, down when the quality in the end of the bear market or just to the bull market transformation period, choose foreign exchange to pay attention to the foreign exchange performance is excellent, whether growth and other fundamental factors 5, choose to have a rich subject matter of foreign exchange, for example: has the implementation of a high percentage of the transfer of the subject matter of the next new Small-cap foreign exchange 6, through the technical indicators to choose foreign exchange, not only choose the daily indicators bottoming successful foreign exchange, but to focus on the daily indicators and weekly indicators, monthly indicators synchronized bottoming successful foreign exchange, this kind of foreign exchange construction bottom often when the historic bottom 7, from the volume analysis, the exchange price bottoming eve, the volume often continues to be low, when the general trend of stabilization, according to the changes in the plate, choose Volume mildly enlarged active varieties 8, from the analysis of the form, in the bottom region to choose long-term downturn, the bottom of the construction of the form of a long time, the form of clear foreign exchange 9, from the analysis of foreign exchange movements, the general market in the bottom region, to pay special attention to foreign exchange in the first indicators, for the first in the general market stabilization, the first in the general market to start, the first in the general market volume of foreign exchange to closely track and observe, the future market in the mainstream hot spot often In this kind of foreign exchange rise is worth noting is: in the bottom area to choose foreign exchange buy also clever application of the opposite theory, the bottom and most investors have repeatedly stressed the bottom is often only a stage bottom, this time do not completely full or heavy position intervention, and, but also pay attention to timely profit taking

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